SportItalia – Barcelona interested in Perisic

August 11, 2017 18:00
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Barcelona are now interested in Ivan Perisic according to SportItalia. Having faced difficult in their pursuits of Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho, the Croatian has been identified as a target. Following Neymar’s world record transfer to PSG, Barca are not short of cash and will be able to meet Inter’s demands for the 27 year old.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Playmaker

    he can’t play tiki-taka

  • Interista

    Hey Barca we got this left back named yogatomo and he will work wonders for your team spirit…. he will make Messi fly and shit… maybe even cure whatever shit Suarez got( biting an stuff) you get all this for mere 50 millions!!! It’s a steel but as you know we need the money so it’s okey if you buy our best player ever….what do say….

  • Alex

    Would give Perisic and 50m for Messi please 😀

  • Azzkikr

    You know an article is pure BS when the players age is wrong…


    Hey you got that 222m Neymar gold chest so if you want Ivan you’ll have to pay 100mil. Liverpool wont sell Coutinho for less than 150. Dortmund won’t sell Dembele for less than 150 so why should we sell on the cheap.

    • boln

      Because we are inter and we suck at selling players

  • Seiya20n

    time to cash in, ok Barca 110mm, well 80mm would be enough!

  • Nerazzurri88

    Milk the Cow!


    Hopefully this interest will force man u to finally agree the terms and give us martial. Who in my book is a top tier player well worthy of the title Interiesta

    • Zselic

      if Martial would turn out to be Serie A-compatible, he could solve our left wing for 10 years

      • Zanetti4

        He would never stay with us for such a long time, should he have such success..

        • ROGUE LW

          I bet he would if we started placing in the top 4 if not winning the league. Be one of the top players at a top tier team, of course he would stay. Martial was already interested in joining us.

          • Zanetti4

            It is not exactly the characteristics of loyalty which I see in modern footballplayers. If he would perform like that in a club as Inter then other teams with much stronger economy would come after him and offer him a salary which we would not be able, or willing to match.

          • ROGUE LW

            Very true, but we can hope for the best right? I mean, it’s not a guarantee that he would leave if we won the cl with him. But yes this day and age money rules, loyalties are no where to be found.

  • Erik Kolmodin

    Sure, 80 mil, just bacause they are desperate.

    • El Príncipe

      My thoughts exactly!

  • boln

    I hate this transfer windows. After that fuckinf arab club spend 220 mil to buy neymar it creates uncertainty in the transfer market.

    • Azzkikr

      Indeed, all that dirty arab money from City and PSG is the main reason why the market is so inflated these days.

      It will only get worse in the future, because other big clubs needs to follow this new trend.

      • kevinches

        Actually, all the over spènding on players started when Abromovich bought Chelsea and proved that purchasing players for high prices could win you the league and CL. After that over pricing on players broke loose

    • JAY

      263m dollars

    • Zselic

      buying Neymar for 220m is not the problem. the problem would be buying the likes of Dybala, Coutinho, Dembele or Mbappe for 100+++. a lot of people fail to realize PSG did not just buy a player, they bought a brand. because Neymar is a brand – he is up there with the likes of Messi or Ronaldo, Lebron, Kobe, Tom Brady, etc when it comes to face value, he is known and recognized by people all over the planet. even at 220m it is a great investment for them, even if he fails to help them win CL and/or become a top club in Europe for the next 5-8 years

      • Inter 2010

        i miss the days where players where you could get a good player for 10-15 million. and if it wasn’t for that stupid ffp Moratti would still be our owner and he would still be spending his own money on players. FFP hit us and Milan so hard. meanwhile the EPL clubs get richer and richer.

        And then you also have clubs like PSG and Man City, clubs funded by the government of Qatar. man i hate those plastic clubs so much. they have destroyed football. they have also completely destroyed the transfer market. the problem is players keep getting more and more expensive. everyone is gonna inflate the price on his player knowing that barca has 222 million to spend. it is a never ending cycle.

        • Wiktor Łosin

          The problem are also release clauses. Wtf is 222mln?! If there wasn’t any sick release clause, and Neymar’s will was to go to PSG, they could end negotiatioms at 150-180mln€ max. That’s my opinion.

        • Zselic

          and thats why Barcelona is doing a horrible job right now. replacing Neymar is going to be really difficult, but with that kind of money they could add a lot of depth to the team (they clearly have CB problems, their midfield is thin already and they want to get rid of Gomes and Turan) which is essential when you want to compete in all fronts. instead they want to splash it on 1-2 players then wonder why 33 year old Iniesta cant play at a high level by April…

    • solointer

      I can’t help but wonder what is FFP exactly…

      • Facchetti

        It’s pretty simple. If you are a small team be prepared to sell your best players to bigger teams to meet FFP targets. If you are a big club, expect to spend more than you generate and not have any sanctions. UEFA fucked up. FFP doesn’t solve anything as small teams are STILL struggling financially. This is going to get worse next year if PSG actually manages to win a CL. All the bigger clubs will start spending fortunes. What UEFA needs to do is close all the god damn loopholes in FFP, meaning Qatar can’t sign a €250m/year advertising contract with the team they own, it literally bypasses the point of FFP. PSG makes under $150m USD in gate receipts, the majority of their income comes from the bullshit advertising deal they have. Total revenue of €521M…then you look at a team like Barca who has a revenue of €620M…there is no way on Earth that PSG makes €100m less than Barca…

    • Fez Faisal H

      I am Arab and pissed off also cos I breathe black and blue. Fucking eh… they think they’r playing manager mode with cheat codes in ps4 where they buy anything that kicks a ball… FFP? Its ok we pay them the assigned fine, we shit oil “their thoughts”

  • Vidal_inter