Tuttosport – Murillo travelling to Spain, the details of the deal…

August 11, 2017 14:30
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Jeison Murillo will today travel to Spain to complete a switch to Valencia Tuttosport detail. Inter and Valencia are in agreement over a two year loan deal with an obligation redemption set at €11 million. Inter will also be due €2 million in bonuses and have a percentage of any future fee. The Colombian central defender could be announced tonight ahead of Valencia’s Naranja Trophy fixture.

Source: FCInterNews.it

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • kofko

    And now our management priorities are schick and Mor……. Speechless

  • matt

    Inter PLEASE highjack the Virgil van Dijk deal and bring him yo inter! would be a great investment.

  • Alex


    Yuto Fagatomo is not on the team’s list ahead of the game against Betis: http://www.inter.it/en/news/59239/inter-vs-real-betis-the-21-man-squad

    Best day ever!

    • Zselic

      he is in Milan to sign his contract extension til 2025

      • Alex

        hahahaha… Fagatomo for president

  • anonimac

    I swear we are the worst club in terms of selling our players. Sneijder gone for 7m, Coutinho for around 10, Banega for 9, Medel for freaking 3m??? Come on guys, he is not first team quality, but he is a fighter and a decent sub. 3m in todays football is nothing. And now Murillo for only 11m which we wont even get now but in two years? And last year when he was worth around 30m, we didnt sell…I mean, seriously… We lost two decent backup centre backs for peanuts and left with only Rano as a backup which is a disaster. Imagine if Skriniar or Miranda gets injured, then what? We now need 2 good centre backs, and knowing our management we will overpay them big time. But when we sell our own playes we are like: Oh, so you can’t pay 25m? Oh never mind, just pay 11m in two years and give us a little of percentage from next sale, it is almost the same. Jeez, I am angry right now.

    • boln

      Murilo is shit, medel and banega wanted to asap because they are not in spalettis plan. Yeah, i agree with sneijder, we were dumb when we could sell him to united

      • anonimac

        I would somehow be able to understand this Murillo move if we already had at least 2 backups for CB. But we don’t even have 1, and please do not count the Frog. Now we have to chase 2 good CBs, one RB, those are priorities. But no, management decides it is wiser to splash 30m on attacker, and we are already more than covered in that department. And then there will be no money for the defence. I hope i’m wrong, but with the current defensive players, we can not challange for top 4.

        • Alex

          Calm down… Medel is 31 and has only one year left on his contract,

        • boln

          Yeah, we really need two cb. But if we get great rb, we can make dambrosio as 4th choice of cb.

        • alga

          Joke of the season, or every season, what a mess. new coach want to build a team, management??? and then after Murillo go to Valencia (13M), we can’t find or sign the replacement,

      • BoBo32

        Guys dont worry. This is setting up for Froggy’s golden ball season. Miranda gets hurt and Rano will step up. Maybe if we are lucky dalbert will get injured and nagatomo will get into the squad as well.


    11 mil and they can’t even pay it for the next two years?!?! What a fucking joke.