Tuttosport – Samp want Eder back but his wages are a problem

August 11, 2017 16:30
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Sampdoria continues to dream about bringing Eder back from Inter. Tuttosport however report that the naturalised Italian strikers wages are an obstacle to the dream becoming a reality. The 30 year old has spent the past 18 months on Inter’s books and is contracted through to 2020.

Source: FCInterNews.it

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Luffy

    swap it asap.. schick, garay, cancelo/aurier and we are done.. let kdog go.. he is useless

  • grilliant

    Icardi, Eder, Schick.. keep your eyes on Sampdoria strikers, we might go after them again in the future

  • Azzkikr

    I wouldnt mind giving Eder to lower Schicks price, Eder is old and quite ineffective.

    What speaks in favour of Eder is that he is a hard worker and most importantly have no issues with being sub.

    All things considered im quite indifferent to if he stays or not.

  • Alex

    In Another Breaking News:

    Biglia is out for a month. Didn’t want to cheer for a player’s injury. But everyone hailing Bilan had the best transfer window, they are wrong. I’d take Borja for 7mil over Biglia for 20mil any day.
    If we manage to sign Aurier and Schick and further offload some more deadwood, we will be having the best transfer window in Serie A.

    • Azzkikr

      lol they are very different types of players.

      Biglia is a real midfield leader and about 78 times better defensively than anyone at Inter. He would walk right into Inter starting 11.

      His injury is clearly good for Inters hopes for 4th place, although the results of the first month is rarely a good indication of how the league will turn out.

      That 4th place battle between Inter & Milan is pretty much the only exciting thing about serie a next season.

      • BoBo32

        3-4 are up for grabs this year with Roma weakening and Inter and Milan coming back. Lazio will be an interesting team this year as they have shed a lot of players as well.

        • Azzkikr

          Roma are far ahead of Inter still in terms of quality. EDF wont change their playing approach significantly.

          Salah will be a loss sure, but im sure they will find a decent replacement before the end of the mercato.

          They still have the best midfield trio in serie a in Strootman, De Rossi and Nainggolan. Those 3 are so far ahead of anything Inter can field its not even funny.

          I do believe Napoli will take 2nd though and 3rd Roma. Both should be able to get 80+ points again. Milan and Inter will fight it out for 4th in the 70-79 point area.

          • Alex

            What are you talking about?
            Dumbo~Emerson, Skriniar-Miranda>Manolas-Rui, Dalbert>JJ
            Candreva>Defrel, Perisic>>El Sherawy, Icardi>>Dzeko
            Spal>Di Fransesco

            Roma fans>>>>> Azzkikr &co

            How they are better? Maybe the last one?

      • Alex

        Not so easy.. He’s 31… not as good with ball as Borja is… and 20 mil for a 31 midfielder is too high. I’d rather give the opportunity to 22 year old Gagliardini…

        • Azzkikr

          Milan wants immediate succes, thats why they bought Biglia.

          Biglia chance of flopping is almost non-existant.

          Gagliardini is a joke compared to Biglia.

      • Zico 1908

        You mean battling for Scudetto.

        • Azzkikr

          Maybe in 5 years.

          • Zico 1908

            No this year & every year.

    • BULLET

      Lol. Greatest thing I have seen was when Biglia pulled into Milan training facility and was greeted by fans. After signing some stuff he said Forza Lazio hahahaha. The look on his face when the fan said “WHAT” was absolutely priceless.

  • boln

    Great team player. He can cover all attacking position. He should stay

    • Alex

      Not when we sign Schick.. We gotta use him to unlock Schick

  • Inter 2010

    Well you give us Schick, we give you Eder +20 million + we pay a small part of his wages. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

    • postal

      If we must get Schick (which I’m still against), then a striker will definitely have to go so using Eder to lower the price is a good idea.

      • Inter 2010

        i don’t like Schick either. for me it just looks so unnecessary to buy ANOTHER striker while we have Icardi, Jovetic, Eder and Gabigol. if we really need to strenghten the forward line i would still go for Berardi. He can play as a striker too when its needed, and we immediately have a nice replacement for Candreva.

        • Alex

          Schick is a great prospect. A real bargain at 30mil. Next season he will be 60mil. We should sign him and leave him at Samp. This is called investment.

          • BoBo32

            A proven prospect compared unlike Gabigol who is yet to prove he belongs in Serie A. It is telling when 3 coaches don’t think you are good enough to see the site of the pitch.

          • Alex

            Gabi has a different story. If you were following the transfer window last year, we initially wanted to sign Gabriel Jesus… But EPL shitty teams walked in and inflated the prices up,, He went for 45mil to Man Shitty. The price of Barbosa also went up from 20mil as a result. Suning wanted him at any price, because they wanted to give a gift to the fans, they presented him like R9.
            FDB never wanted Barbosa, so he was very stubborn in not using him. Pioli was Candreva’s coach, and only could work with him, And Vecchi is a typical Italian pussy coach that never wants to change anything. So I wouldn’t read much into 3 coaches blah blah

          • Zselic

            Gabriel’s attitude is horrible. ive been to the San Siro 4 times this past season, 3 times he was sent to warm-up during the game, all he did was stood by the corner flag and whenever his teammates came in his vicinity, he started talking to them. to be ignored by 3 different coaches in a mediocre season, where anyone could have given a chance means something

          • BoBo32

            I agree, Suning bought him for all the wrong reasons on behest of KIA. (0-2 in these gift to the fans Hernanes over Nainggolan still haunts me) But, that still doesnt mean he is a good player. He refused so many loan options thinking that he is messi and should start. He needs to prove he can play in a Seria A game.

          • Alex

            I wouldn’t take that against him. A good player should always have self belief, otherwise you become Dumbo no matter what your technical and physical abilities are, never be able to win duels. He’s coming into the realization that he needs to prove himself, and being only 21 he has time to learn from his mistakes.

          • BoBo32

            I pray for this!

          • Eshay Hazan

            and 7 coaches think that nagatomo is good enough for a starting spot. doesnt mean hes good. they were just cowards with gabigol and preffered to go on experience rather than bet on talent.

          • BoBo32

            Nagatomo is on the team cause he sells jersey in asia, and everyone seems to love him. He must be one hell of a guy to stay in Inter for this long.

            Gabigol still needs to show someone he belongs on the pitch.