CdS: Inter furious with Kondogbia, there will be a huge fine

August 12, 2017 12:00
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Geoffrey Kondogbia chose the hard way. Yesterday morning, without telling anyone, he failed to show up for the morning practice. “It was Sporting Director Piero Ausilio and Waöter Sabatini who found out from Kondogbia’s brother. There will be a huge fine and Kondogbia will be fined for yesterday’s absence, today’s game against Spanish side Real Betis and all other appointments that the Frenchman will miss. There are currently diplomatic talks going on in order to get Kondogbia to the Pinetina on Monday (tomorrow there will probably not be any practice), but it is a delicate situation that will mean a considerable fine.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Playmaker

    I never hold him in my comment here, never ever. maybe he never reach his full potential here because he have no heart at Inter, he doesn’t love this club.

    even brozo not act like this guy, and he acting like shit to go to valencia. dude are you stupid, this is valencia not barca or madrid.

  • Aji Faishal Nurhakim

    Bye Kondodgbia

  • Cdp

    Its amazing to saw FDB getting bashed because of putting this shit on the bench before..

  • Diri D

    he really thinks that we can’t without him 🙂 he still doesn’t get that he’s just a fish in the sea. There are many ready to take his place. After all it was him that scored a euro-auto-goal from the middle of the field, so for sure we will remmember him for that :).

  • JAY
  • Vidal_inter
  • Stefano

    Luca Mastrangelo, who is one of the funniest Italian Inter youtuber out there,always said about Kondogbia:
    ” He looks like someone who lost his keys in the field, always looking at the ground, wandering aimlessly..”.

  • nozanneti
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  • Alex

    Fine him for at least a week worth of his wages and make sure to sell him to a shitty EpL club instead of Valecia. They’re unde

  • igo

    Well only fdb (when people said he was fool and not ready yet blah blah) was furious and brave enough to put brozo and him inside their cages. Let’s see what the bald boss will do

  • nozanneti

    what’s all the fuss guys ?!?
    let him leave and find his happines somewhere else.

    inter don’t need him, that is the fact !
    inter only need him to show how nasty inter can be,…

  • Deddy Kristian Aritonang

    Enough is enough. Personally I still hoped Kondogbia to be given more opportunities, but now he is an ill-disciplined player that will disrupt harmony in the dressing room. Swap him with Aurier would be great even if we have to add some amount of money. He does not know what it means to wear blue-black shirt.

  • ezekiel

    just use him to deal with psg or valencia.. so we can get their RB.. ask them to pay too..

  • Pradana Gilang

    I don’t know what to say of this guy. He is not even top 5 midfielder in our squad. We have 6 mid, and he is the 6th but acting like fan favourite. I was supporting this guy because I don’t want to see our 40 mio got wasted, but now I realize that keeping him just wasting our time and money.

    • Stefano

      He actually cost us 31m, but I guess the 40m mith spread by Milan after they tried to get him remained, somehow.

  • Herak Bhowmik

    never liked him much. useless player.and we had to sell Kovacic to balance the book after buying him. but this behavior is unacceptable. he has no respect for the jersey.

  • bajaninter

    This is very bad. I had faith in this guy even when others were bashing him. I really wanted him to become a top player for us because he has that potential. However this is unacceptable behavior and if he wants to go then let him but not for cheap. He has to know that we can’t just give him up because he wants to go.

  • Inter 2010

    Little bitch. if have never seen a player act more ungratefull than him.

  • Wynne Putradana

    Who are you !

    This is Inter!!!

  • Yanis

    was supporting this guy but after this behaviour you can go f*** yourself

  • Lajoya

    Freeze him. Let him rot on bench or Primavera till his contract runs out.

    • zamorano1+8

      nah we dont do those stuff with our lords, only with our triple heroes ;D

  • Bob

    what a gigantic flop this guy has been…. smh, just go away already

  • Antonio

    Cut his wages indefinitely. If you act like a bitch you will be punished severely

  • boln

    Suck that kondobiatch