GdS: Only Inter for Patrik Schick

August 12, 2017 10:01
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Still a long way to go in the transfer soap opera called “Inter-Schick”: “Sampdoria’s strategy is clear, until they find a replacement Patrik Schick will remain at Samdporia, this according to Gazzettta dello Sport. His number 14, that was missing until Thursday, reappeared yesterday in the official list published by the Serie A. An indicator that Schick still is a Sampdoria player. His contract expires 2020 and Massimo Ferrero will keep him tight until then. Despite recent interest from Bayern Münich and Monaco, Inter is the only alternative for the player.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • edbert

    I think spaletti would be able to turn schick into a quality player. Anyway if schick were to come, i think the formation can be

    Perisic schick J.mario

    While i think if we dont get any new FB why not make candrewa as a RB, he played as a RWB in italy, although its more of an attacking role compare to a RB, I honestly he would be better than dumbo

  • Il Principe di Persia

    I have a bad feeling about this… At the end some jerk comes in and snatch the player

  • Inter4ever

    Give em Eder.
    Take Schick.
    Problem solved!

    • boln

      They dont want to pay eder high salary

      • Inter4ever

        How much is Schick earning in comparison?

        • boln

          I dont know schick salary in samp, but eder salary is considered too high for them.

          • Inter4ever

            I need to search some info. I think he’s earning around 1.8 mil at inter

          • El-Capit4no

            How about we pay whats extra for Eder’s salary so we can make them happy?

          • Inter4ever

            Yes. Would be a great deal.

          • Oro_^o^

            According to football-italia, eder salary at inter is 1.5 million euro/year. Schick salary at sampdoria is 150,000 euro per year.

          • boln

            Wtf is nagatomo image right? Lmao.. How can that turd have image right? Loll

          • Oro_^o^

            Well, apparently he is quite popular in japan lol