CdS: Inter made a choice, ready for Schick. Bye, bye Emre Mor, Karamoh is back

August 13, 2017 10:30
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Inter has a slight advantage on Roma when it comes to signing Patrik Schick, this according to Corriere dello Sport. The club is certain in bringing the Czech attacker to Milan and awaits the definitive ok from Sampdoria. CdS continues: “After the recent meeting with Damiani, the deal with Caen and Karamoh is on the table again since Emre Mor is off the table due to agent commissions being too high”.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Seiya20n

    so no Mor, I like the direction the board is taking, not paying high fees, keep the valuation of their players, the just need to offload some players-

  • Il Principe di Persia

    I’m counting the hours till we get Schick.

    And BIG YES to Kara, don’t need any MOR assholes in our team.

  • Dani Milekić

    How about no Mor but no Karamoh either.

    • alga

      LOL, we have gabi

      • Pradana Gilang

        it will be Gabi no Mor then

  • nozanneti
    • ADRIANO158

      I like him so much, I always play him in fifa 😀

      • nozanneti

        inter don’t care about him.
        inter business as usual 🙁

    • Dani Milekić

      Biabiany in making.

      • OmGan

        dude, don’t jinx it

  • Herak Bhowmik

    if we hv 30m for Shieck then why r we not reinforcing our defense? that should be our priority. we already hv Icardi, Eder and Jovetic in our squad. but we hv only 2 defenders if Ranocchia leaves. and we still need a right back.

  • kuda

    If we aim schick then karamoh is also unnecessary. Just get him for free this january. Schick can cover all role in attack so it’s fine. Let icardi perisic candreva eder jovetic and schick be our forward next season. And just focus on getting quality RB and two CBs.

    • Zselic

      Caen is not stupid, they are not going let their most expensive player leave for free when at least 8-10 clubs in Europe are following him

      • kuda

        Yeah but if the reports are true that karamoh only wants Inter then this is possible.

        • Zselic

          i dont believe in those things anymore… not to mention every interested team is a huge step up from Caen

  • Dimitris_Inter

    Better Schick than Mor. Schick will become great striker

    • John

      Will Schick get enough playing time though? If we play 4-2-3-1, the striker is sure to be Icardi unless he’s injured or suspended.

  • Nidal Safarini

    Now while we are offloading our CB backups we are still in hunt of forwards?
    Nobody sells without having a replacement finished, that would let other clubs demands excessive price because we need to sign their player so bad they could demand anything.
    Hopefully I am wrong but we need at least two CB and the names which are discussed are expensive Garay 20 and Pazella 17 for bench, and we don’t want to get a panic buy at the end because we all know how that resulted in the past.

    • igo

      WS10 was still one of the best ‘buy at the end’ we did when mou was the brain of all. with saba and spaletti now, hope the brain is in the right place again

  • Jr

    i dont understand how we are spending so much on this shick. his dribblings are ok and his skill moves sometimes work but against tight defenses he isnt able to do anything. all im saying is this guy is no young alexis sanchez or ibra. im expecting him to flop hard with us. the new ricky alvarez

    • Pick

      As long as he can score against napoli andr rome it is fine

    • Il Principe di Persia

      He’s the next big thing in this league

  • boln

    I hope we can buy another rb using kondobiatch money. Still we need to get another midfielder if we replace him

  • postal

    That should be a good lesson for money grubbing agents. There’s a reason why we don’t work with Raiola and his clients.

  • Interista

    Great news! Bye bye mor….it would be a waste of money and another Lord to get rid of in the next window…. lets focus on serie A proven players and make smart investments rather than impulse buys… when I heard the news on Mor I got worried because Sabatini had sad that we shouldn’t worry and that they worked with a plan and out of nowhere came the news on Mor….get schick and berrardi and a right back and if possible another CB for a backup and we are done, out with Nagashit, brosovic and Rano, jovetic and loan out Gabigol so he can get gametime and we are set with a great squad

    • diego milleto 1

      I think our biggest priority is to sign another fullback to replace d’ambrossio,,,our defense is looking much better with skrinnier and miranda in central defense aswell as dalbert now at left fullback instead of nagashito but I’m not convinced with starting the season with d’ambrossio or ansaldi at right full back! Inter would be so much better with perhaps aurier or somone new at right fullback, other than that patrick schick is a excellent signing and with his addition inter should have a great season oh and please keep perisic we are a much better team with perisic in our squad than with out

      • who am i

        No we need cb too bcs we only have 3 and i don’t wanna see our legend gonna play if miranda or skriniar was injured,it just hurt’s my eyes

  • Vidal_inter

    is it only me or it seems like sabatini and ausilio are reading our comments on LOL