GdS: Spalletti happy with Dalbert and Perisic, the best players from last night’s game

August 13, 2017 10:00
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La Gazzetta dello Sport describes last night’s game against Real Betis as a “good test” and the most recent aquisition, Dalbert, performed well: “In addition to the Icardi test (45 encouraging minutes from a physical point of view), Dalbert had a positive impact on the team. After an hour of play, Spalletti had a lot of reasons to be satisfied since the Brazilian moved very well on the pitch and seemed to evaluate every defensive situation in an excellent manner, all this after only one practice session. He looked good in one-on-one situations and had a couple of good crosses. The final positive note from the game against Real Betis is the attitude of Ivan Perisic who displayed power, class and leadership”.



Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Deji

    He defended really well, was out of position a bunch but that because he didn’t know where his teamates would be. In one on one situations he was a rock on the left. Waay better than All our other fullbacks and thats off only half a practice. I’m satisfied

  • Fiano Anthonio Kerans

    Come on…. Is this a group of bashing and bullying Inter players??? FFS, he just trained with the team once. I repeated, once! He even had a passport/visa problem and needed to go back to France two days before the match. With that problem, I am sure he was not so focus on his first debut. Come on. Let’s see till 2-3 months of the season.

    Remember we defended Kondo so much last year while bashing FDB decision on him. Now something has opened our eyes. FDB was right, Kondo has discipline problems.

  • TQ

    You should be happy with skriniar, perisic and handanovic

  • kuda

    Agree on perisic but not at all on dalbert. Okay he’s nervous and needs time it’s normal. But yesterday game just reassured that he’s lack of intelligence and passing ability. Please i hope he doesnt turn out to be alvaro pereira 2.0

    • kofko

      Agree with you mate. Not a good game for Dalbert.

    • Alex

      Lol…he has trained with team once, playing on the shitty pitch of Lecce, and you expect him to pull out a Marcelo?! He did very well defensively, and most importantly made Perisic and Miranda look better. Give him time before you stick a Pareira tag on him..

      • kuda

        I said it’s normal that he didnt perform yet, did I? I know that he will need time. But the last match is like reconfirm my impression on him based on video which he is not very bright and poor in passing. But his defensive work is fine and also he’s lightning fast. I know he’ll get better.

        Yes miranda looked good because Miranda was almost always covering dalbert.

        And I didnt say he’s the new pereira. I was hoping that he will not turn out to be like pereira.

        • Alex

          If you remember, people were mostly worried about his defensive ability. Defensive play of fullbacks are very crucial in Serie A, and if Telles lost his spot to Fagatomo was mostly due to this reason.

          Dalbert has the technique and speed to do well offensively, so hopefully he can do better in the next games..

  • InterAlwaysAndForever

    Anyways, what was the real reason behind the fact that Nagahomo was out of the squad?

  • El-Capit4no

    Yesterday we didnt get to see Nagatomo even as sub, does it means the end of his coreer?

    I think I would rather we sell Nagatomo and keep Ansaldi as back up.

    • boln

      Both are shitty players.

    • postal

      He is perfect so no, he will play for us till he’s 40.

    • kuda

      He suffered minor injury thus he’s not being called for the game

    • OmGan

      saved for Fiorentina game?

    • John

      He had a stomach flu or something. Didn’t get called up for the game. Now he’s ready for our season opener as a sure starter!

    • Playmaker

      nagatomo flying to catalan with his agent, because barca want him to replace neymar. it’s seems the deal will close in next week with the cost around 223 euro, a lil bit over neymar price but without million.