Jeison Murillo: “I thank God to have signed for Valencia”

August 19, 2017 05:30
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Jeison Murillo spoke to Valencia’s official TV channel to make his first declarations as a Valencia player since completing his move from Inter.

Murillo started by thanking higher powers for the move stating: “I thank God for having opened the door to a big club in Spain, I am very happy to be here. I was anxious to come here because I wanted to be with the team but it did not happen until now and that is fine. I cannot wait until I put on the shirt, to defend it, give everything for it and to take advantage of the opportunity to be here.”

Murillo then spoke about the horrible attack in Barcelona stating that: “I am sad for what has happened, this should not have happened. Unfortunately we live in a world where this can happen to anyone. I wish the families and the victims strenght and courage.”

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Stefano

    Listen,I liked Murillo, I thought he had a lot of potential, but the many mistakes he made he made all by himself, not ” because of Inter”.
    Also inter it’s inter, 3 times champion of the world etc. Inter.
    Valencia its Valencia.
    Inter it’s inter.

  • igo

    of course he will feel blessed because staying far away from those lords…XD good luck to you murillo!

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    he knew he has to play to make columbias squad for the worlcd cup.

  • Azzkikr

    I wish there were more atheists in football, i feel like throwing up everytime i hear a player “thank god” for this and that.

    He should thank Inter for allowing him to leave for such a low fee, not thank some imaginary deity.

    • inter lover

      And i wish you could keep your faith(or lack thereof) to yourself.

  • C Qaadir Maxamed

    Good luck.

  • JAY

    Gladiator u are always in our hearts

  • Wruce Bayne

    I liked him, such a shame he have to leave before nagatomo and rano

  • iamsuperman

    Maybe its the best way for everyone. Its hard to bench skriniar with the solid performances.

  • ezekiel

    good luck on your new journey jeison..^^