VOTE: Who Is Your Man Of The Match for Inter 3 – 0 Fiorentina?

August 20, 2017 23:06
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Inter kicked off the 2017/2018 Serie A campaign in style at home at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza after beating Fiorentina 3-0 thanks to a brace by captain Mauro Icardi and a goal by Ivan Perisic.  

Year zero 7.0 got the best start imaginable as Inter dominated from start to finish and were 2 goals up after 15 minutes thanks to a penalty which Icardi converted and which he followed up by latching on to an exquisite Perisic cross. Perisic got on the scoresheet in the second half heading home a Joao Mario cross aside from running up the left flank of the pitch for the full 90 mins.

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Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Andika Pradana

    Skriniar were solid.
    But, I think Miranda over Skriniar.
    Perisic over Icardi.

    My vote goes to Perisic.
    Covered so much area at the left side.
    Funny that he made assist from right side.

  • Walter White that order.

  • Omar

    In my opinion Perisic did an outstanding job as a LB and a LW, he really covered at many times nagatomo’s defensive part.. the whole team did great as they covered the back of each other and built every attack in an organised way.. I love this Inter

  • Zoki

    So many choices… One of Valero, Škriniar, Icardi or Perišić. I’ll just give it to Škriniar because I absolutely adore our new tank in defense.

    • deji

      my complete thoughts exactly.

  • El Príncipe

    For me it’s skriniar, solid in the back and works so well w Miranda! He dominated in the air and made so many tackles.

  • Ekene Okeke

    Perisic with a great assist and a comfortable goal that he deserved he is my motm seeing as IcRdi due to his style didnt get involved in much plays. Score shud have been 6 nil tho. I criticise j mario alot but he showed some classy calmness and movement today that i liked.

  • ezekiel

    it’s hard to choose. all of them actually played well.. top 3 for me are borja, icardi, and skriniar..^^

    • InterDK

      Skrinar looked comfortable next to Miranda. He had a solid game and is a good upgrade from murillio and medel

      • Fransiskusawn

        Our mercato are quite good until now. My favorite player goes on Milan Skriniar. He is very beast on defense. With him and also miranda our defense could be save. FORZA Skriniar..

    • Alex

      You know that I love my boy, Skriniar, but Miranda did better tonight..

      • InterDK

        True, but for a debut match skrinar looked like a better partner to Miranda than murillio did all last season

  • Boudou

    Dont wanna jinx it but this is the sixth games I think Ive seen from Skriniar and havent seen him make a mistake so far. His price might just end up being a steal..

    • Erik Kolmodin

      Works really well with Miranda next to him. Will be interesting to see if he can hold up the defence with less experienced players

    • Yanis

      dont jinx it, murillo was at beast when he joined us remember?

  • Ranggi Arohmansani

    unexpected well performance from yogatomo~~~

    • Ranggi Arohmansani


  • INTer