Player Ratings – Inter 3 – 0 Fiorentina: Spalletti & co off to a flyer

August 21, 2017 11:00
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Inter fans couldn’t have wished for a better start to this season as the Nerazzurri blew Stefano Pioli’s new Fiorentina side off the pitch within the first 15 mins of the first half. Mauro Icardi’s brace topped off with the icing on the cake provide by Ivan Perisic sealed Inter’s first win of the 2017/2018 Serie A season.

Samir Handanovic – 7: Had nothing to do for long periods of time, but when called into action he was fantastic. That save from Babacar’s finish was simply world class. Seemed much calmer and composed than before.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 6.5: Typical D’Ambrosio performance, strong defensively and nothing to write home about regarding his attacking forays. Fiorentina couldn’t get through Inter’s right side of defence.

Milan Skriniar – 7: A youngster who was making his debut at the San Siro but playing like a seasoned veteran. If he continues like this, he will be amongst the best defenders in the league very soon.

Joao Miranda – 6.5: Defended well as usual and got the captain’s armband during the last few minutes of the match when Icardi was replaced by Eder. Did almost everything right and seems to have a great understanding with Skriniar already.

Yuto Nagatomo – 6.5: His attacking runs were great tonight. There were the usual brain farts defencively but they didn’t cost Inter on the night. Could easily have had an assist tonight.

Borja Valero – 6.5:  Oldest player Inter signed this summer. However, he bossed the midfield against his former team-mates. Until he got tired that is, but absolute class in the first half.

Matias Vecino – 7: A lot of Interisti thought Inter paid too much for the Uruguay international, but his performance tonight suggests the complete opposite. He was an insurmountable challenge for Fiorentina in the middle of the park.

Antonio Candreva – 5.5: Poorest player on the pitch tonight. He seems to be playing under constant stress, even the simplest passes presented themselves as a problem for him. Only good run came prior to 3-0.

Marcelo Brozovic – 6: A pleasant surprise. He got a standing ovation from the Inter faithful at the Meazza which was well deserved as he ran back and forth almost all the time. Should have scored in the first half.

Ivan Perisic – 7.5: Inter should thank their lucky stars that he is still at the club. Looks raring to go and under Spalletti he will be/is already a beast. Brilliant assist and an even better finish to wrap up proceedings by scoring Inter’s third and final goal on the night.

Mauro Icardi – 7.5: Had 4 attempts on goal, all hit the target, 2 of which were goals and still he only touched the ball 20 times. Lethal. Best part: he’s not even 100% fit. Absolute beast of a player in the box. Unstoppable.

Joao Mario – 7: He came on for Borja Valero and started making plays from deep when Inter were struggling. Had a tremendous impact, got an assist and could’ve scored.

Roberto Gagliardini – 6: Spalletti needed some fresh legs in midfield and Roberto provided just that and made no mistakes in his 20 minutes when replacing Valero. Great option to have on the bench.

Eder –  NA: Didn’t get enough time on the pitch to capitalize on his usual supersub role, but even in the few minutes he played he made many intelligent runs from deep and looks ready for the season ahead.

Luciano Spalletti –  7: It has been a long time since Inter looked this organized as a TEAM. All players know their roles, what is expected of them and always thinking ahead. Incredible given that he’s been at the club for only 2 months.

Paolo Tagliavento – 7: Great use of the VAR technology, got all major decisions right. For once I couldn’t spot a single decision that he got wrong. Never lost control of the fixture.

Inter – 7: Perfect start to the season in terms of the result. Inter’s fitness isn’t at it’s peak yet and therefore the team had to lower the intensity after 30 mins or so. This will only improve.

Do you think Candreva was better than a 5.5? Do you think Miranda played better than Skriniar? Let us know below in the comments or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • kofko

    ” brain farts”.?……… That’s why you will never be more than an amateur news translators..

  • Stefano

    It is now official:
    Some are just prejudiced against Candreva.
    He had a 7 type of game, entering in the plays of both the second and third goal, consistent and even fun to watch at times, still sprinting deep after the 80th minutes.
    A consistent beast yesterday.

  • Keith

    Watch Cancelo taking Candreva’s spot while D’ambro is still gonna be a starter.

  • Alex

    Vecino 7 and 6 for Gagliardini?
    Skriniar 7 and 6.5 for Miranda?
    Candy the worst player?

    What match did the grader watch? What did Skriniar do that Miranda didn’t? Miranda simply won more one on ones..
    Vecino was terrible in openning up spaces to receive passes and reduce the pressure on our defenders.. When Gaglia came he did a much better job.. plus he made a crucial pass to Mario that almost set up a hat trick for Icardi.. did Vecino make any crucial passes?
    And why Candy 5.5 and Dumbo 6.5? What did Candy do wrong?

    To me everyone gets above 6, with Vecino, Dumbo, and Borja getting 6. Candy 6.5. Icardi, Perisic, Miranda 8, with highest scores…

  • inter_island

    My MOTM was Skrinier followed by Valero and Veccino because basically I come to expect class from MI9, Perisic and Handa. I’m so happy Miranda can at least feel comfortable with a capable guys on the side and in front of him again. Just great signings.
    On to Roma who I think they are not in a good period and 3 points is definitely on the cards. Forza Inter.

  • acekaz

    candreva had a good game. his crossers were dangerous, he played some incredible passes through especially to perisic, which he passed instead of shooting. overall no one played bad.

  • Dadi

    marchisio considering a move away from juventus….interesting

  • Azzkikr

    Why did my comment get deleted?

    • Sempreinter

      Which comment was that?
      We’ve recently updated and installed a new comment plugin so sorry for any technical hickups.

      • Azzkikr

        For some reason the comment reappeared now i see, lol.

      • Keith

        Awful plugin, I hate when my comments have to be approved because of some normal words that disqus doesn’t like.

        • Sempreinter

          Well It includes hate speach filter meaning it blocks comments that includes luangage containing words that break the law. Seeing as we’re legally liable for anything anyone writes in the comments section.
          So dont use profanity/hatespeach and you’ll be fine.

      • Zoki

        I’m not too fond of that plugin if I’m honest, atleast in the “waiting for approval” sense.

        • Sempreinter

          It includes hate speach filter meaning it blocks comments that includes luangage containing words that break the law. Seeing as we’re legally liable for anything anyone writes in the comments section.
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  • Farhan Gani

    Brozovic lacks the right attitude, when pressing he should look at Borja Valero. That man might be 32 years old but he does it with such determination meanwhile Brozovic is the opposite.

  • Bob

    this was a great result, but next week will tell us alot about this team

  • Azzkikr

    lol 5,5 for Candreva, he could have had 2 assists with better finishing. The hate for Candreva on this site is ridiculous tbh. He was easily a 6.5

    Dumbo is would rate a 6 (did nothing useful the entire game), Valero a 6 (awful defensively), Vecino a 6 as well (very passive, missed a sitter)..

    Other ratings i agree with.

    Perisic MOTM.

    Dumbo/Brozo/Valero can share the “worst” Inter player title.

  • ezekiel

    5.5 for candreava is a bit harsh.. he’s not that bad.. he’s 6.5 for me..

    • casperv

      Agree would have changed the Brozo and Candreva ratings. Brozo wasn’t really that eye-catching but Candreva ran back and fourth and did a lot of good things.
      Mario was great when he either dropped to the right (his superb cross and assists came from the right hand side) or when he drop into the middle of the pitch – not when he actually played as an attacking mid closer to the goal.
      If Candreva does leave we have Mario to play on his right hand wing (or Brozo).

    • ran

      candreva attempt to deliver ball to icardi never gone well. he just made simply passing never trully helped the attack. but i hope its just his one bad match, next matches he will be better.

      • ezekiel

        we agree to disagree then..

        • ran

          yeah,,, appreciated tho

    • Stefano

      Some have decided that Candreva is bad and that’s how far their understanding of this sport goes:
      Very little.