Gazzetta – Mustafi-Inter, it could happen at the end of the mercato

August 22, 2017 15:00
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There has been no movement on the Eliaquim Mangala-Inter front in the past few days. Gazzetta dello Sport report that Inter remain looking at Arsenal’s Shkodran Mustafi to bolster their defence. Acquiring the German will be difficult but the player is competing with three others for a starting berth at the Emirates. It could be the case where the Nerazzurri wait until the final few days of the mercato to make an assault for the 2014 World Cup winner and get him on more favourable terms.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Eshay Hazan

    mangala is better, and mustafi wont come to be a back up. plus i agree that being overly religious is not healthy for a footballer

    • psychointer

      why? football like cavani, falcao, baggio, kaka, etc. they are “overly religious”

    • Munawir Biki

      Lol mustafi is 10 times better than mangala. That’s why he could reject us for becoming a back up, unlike mangala

      • Eshay Hazan

        dont agree. mangala at his prime with porto was a beast. mustafi in my view is mediocre, cant see anything he can add to our defence.

        • Munawir Biki

          Then you have to take a look pretty close how the competition at Portuguese league compare to what Mustafi’s won already, the world cup. Even Alvaro Pereira looks like Maicon at Porto

    • Erik Kolmodin

      Overly religious is not healthy for anyone

    • Playmaker

      you hate him because “overly religious” or because he is a moslem..? make up your mind

      • Eshay Hazan

        i dont hate anyone mate. never considered him as a top CB, and just saying my thoughts about overly religious footballers.

        • Playmaker

          if you consider him as average CB so just say it, but don’t say anything about his religion. it have no correlation.

          • Eshay Hazan

            i was talking about each thing seperately

  • Antonio

    No thanks. Lets move on. The guy is terrible for Arsenal, and he isnt going to get a place ahead of Miranda and Skrinir so he wont move when it is WC year, and he at least gets to play at Arsenal thanks to Wengers poor team selection week in week out…

    • il Biscione

      Really? I thought he had a good season, because he was hailed at least during the early part of the season as a great signing by the press. I guess I should watch more PL lol.

      • Antonio

        If you listen to what the fans say (AFTV on youtube) then they are all disappointed in Mustafi. He came in as a big signing but after a few games stopped performing, and has cost them a lot of points last season. Even their recent game vs Stoke, him and Xhaka were to blame for the goal they conceded

  • BrianTheDane

    No thank you…
    Mustafi is not very good…
    He’s No way better than Rano…

  • il Biscione

    How perfect would it be to get Schick, Mustafi and that central midfielder in the mould of Vidal. This seems and is more like daydreaming, but could happen if Zhang would decide to flex Sunings financial muscle. Probably we will get Mangala on loan and maybe Schick if we are lucky and Samp are willing to accept our managements transfer formula. More likely we will get scraps on loan than a grand finale, but damn this team would be ready challenge if we’d somehow get those three players.

  • Azzkikr

    Hope we get Mangala instead.

    Mustafi is an overly religious nutcase.

    • BoBo32

      It wont happen, they only have three CB now that Per is hurt

    • Nagatomo my legend

      And your supposed to be an Atheistic moron who likes to bash players for idiotic reasons ?

      • Azzkikr

        So you think being overly religious is a good thing?

        Im guessing you fall into the same catagory as Mustafi then, good luck with that.

        • Bruno Tome

          How does being overly religious correlate to kicking a ball? And why would Nagatomo my legend fall into the same category as Mustafi just because he’s pointing out the absurdity of your comment…

          I’m not religious at all btw.

    • psychointer

      WTF how does a person “overly religious” related to football?

    • cally

      How the f did you get 7 thumbs up? Are there really that many people that agree with this?? That’s just absurd. Just because he refuses alcohol in press conferences and doesn’t hit clubs and parties doesn’t make him an overly religious individual. That’s just being a normal religious muslim.

      • Playmaker

        today people contain too much hate on their brain, their mind logic blocked by their hate toward some religion.

    • inter_island

      I would take Mustafi in a heart beat. World Champion mentality.