Gazzetta – Inter gift family new subscriptions after physical abuse

August 23, 2017 05:30
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Inter have replaced the subscriptions of the family who were subject to physical abuse at Sunday night’s game Gazzetta dello Sport report. The family, consisting of a father and daughter were attacked by a 19 year old member of the Curva when the father asked for a flag to be lowered as it was restricting his and his daughter’s view. The aggressor has been handed a five year banning order and the family have been moved from the Curva to the Tribuna Family.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • inter_island

    Yes the idiot in the Curva was wrong but why would you choose the Curva Nord to sit? I think the father should have known better and avoided there especially with his daughter.

    • igo

      well, imo, maybe there were bunch of reasons there, maybe the price was cheaper (blame me because i really don’t know), maybe he really had not known before that curva is forbidden or not safe for a family, maybe the father is the hardcore fans and wants to ‘contaminate’ his hardcore love to his daughter by being in curva??? the point is clear, that man’s reaction was wrong, like threatening a family?? really?

  • ezekiel

    idiots are everywhere.. smh

  • Saudijac_30

    Aggressive to a father with a child? Entire Curva should kick his a**

  • El-Capit4no

    These are kind of people I dont like to see them hold our flags.

    Its shame people to be aggressive or recist and claim to have love and passion in something