Max De Luca – What We Learned From Inter’s Win Against Fiorentina

August 25, 2017 10:00
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Inter kicked off the 2017-18 campaign in style with a 3-0 win over Fiorentina at San Siro. The Nerazzurri were in control from start to finish with Mauro Icardi leading the way with two goals and Ivan Perisic adding another, as Interisti breathed a sigh of relief following an underwhelming summer mercato that never really delivered the promised goods.

To make matters worse, AC Milan splashed the cash with reckless abandon forcing us to endure the braggadocious boasts from our delirious rivals unable to resist the intoxicating allure of a return to relevance. It was exhausting, infuriating and left a bitter taste in our mouths to say the least.

So with nervous anticipation and a hint of resentment bubbling beneath the surface we awaited the season opener. The uncertainty was like getting ready to see a band which the critics wrote off for being terrible live, or reading an unflattering review on Rotten Tomatoes about a movie you’re eager to watch, but then wondering what all the fuss was about after the lead singer hit every note and the plot flowed seamlessly from one thrilling scene to the next.

The moral of the story is – besides always mute Milan supporters on social media – is everybody has an opinion and is eager to share it, but opinions are like cars on the road, there’s way too many of them, and sometimes it’s better to drown out the noise, take a deep breath and let the magic unfold.

It was just a small sample size to be sure and there’s a long way to go, but boy it felt damn good to have Inter allay our fears with a dominant display.

Here’s what we learned from Inter’s victory:

Mauro Icardi poised for a career year

Icardi started the season off with a bang as his two first-half goals gave Inter the early boost it was looking for. The Argentina international sent Fiorentina goalkeeper Marco Sportiello the wrong way from the penalty spot in the sixth minute before his glancing header doubled the Nerazzurri’s advantage less than 10 minutes later.

Only a heavy touch after intercepting a pass deep in Fiorentina territory late in the first half and a point-blank reaction save from Sportiello in the second stopped Icardi from netting a hat trick. 

The 24-year-old is ready to have his best season to date and is primed to show the rest of Europe what we already know: that he’s an elite striker.

Valero could be one of the shrewdest signings of the summer

There were rumblings of discontent among some Interisti when the club signed Borja Valero for €7 million, but the Spanish midfielder has already started to show his worth with a stellar performance against his old team.

The 32-year-old organized the midfield with the experience of a four-star general and hardly put a foot wrong as Inter comfortably won the battle in midfield. His calm demeanour and ability to play himself out of danger with the simplest of touches reminded me of another bald-headed midfielder who used to ply his trade at the Meazza – Esteban Cambiasso.

Valero is not going to win any 100-yard dashes but he doesn’t need to as long as he provides a steady, veteran presence in the middle of the pitch. It’s only been one game but the Spanish midfielder looks to be a bargain buy for the Nerazzurri.

Perisic Power On Display

We all expected Ivan Perisic to be a Manchester United player by now especially after the Croatia international bid farewell to the fans in the final home game last season.

It seemed like every week in the summer there was news about Perisic’s imminent transfer to the Premier League, but the move has yet to materialize. It’s a good thing too as Inter are fortunate to have the services of the 28-year-old, whose vast array of skills were on display Sunday.

He delivered a perfectly weighted cross to Icardi for Inter’s second goal and added his name to the scoresheet with a diving header in the 79th minute, which put an exclamation point on an impressive opening-week win.

Max De Luca is a journalist based in Toronto, Canada and has been published on Reuters, CBC, Yahoo, Goal, USA Today and many more. Every week Max pens a column exclusively for discussing the most pressing topics of the past week.

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Stefano

    Meanwhile Schick went to Roma…
    I don’t know what to say.
    I am a bit upset.
    We have a good group right now, it just needs a couple of really good buys to complete it,but nothing serious is happening,Suning is just not moving.

  • Fahm

    so we get our Mbappe right now?

  • Herak Bhowmik

    Does anyone know the transfer fee? I hope we use the money to bring a Centre Back that we desperately need.

    • Reza Pahlevi

      11 m with bonuse i gues

      • SSGalili

        that is crazy that the sum is so low, cause Monaco would will probably sell him for 25+ next season.

  • Eshay Hazan

    inter cant move jojo unless we have an agreement for a suitable replacement. barbosa also leaving and keita is far away from joining(i dont like him anyway).

  • Playmaker

    it’s obvious that the scenario of director is to hold for jovetic until they find the new young replacement. the 1st scenario is emre mor but it’s failed, and one of schik and keita. so it will official soon keita or schik.

  • Stefano

    If we get Schick or Keita…let just say Schick:
    Candreva (Cancelo)-Icardi(Eder)-Perisic(Schick)
    More or less like that.

    it is more than enough,both in number and quality.
    In reality Schick could be the first sub for all 3 of them,somehow.
    But definitely for Icardi and Perisic.

    • Herak Bhowmik

      Schick can’t play in the wings. i wonder if he would agree to be 2nd to Icardi.

      • alga

        I think he can play wide, on the wing. Like he did at Samp last season.

  • Stefano

    sigh..something moving again…

  • Naves

    Maybe he can flourish there as they play highly attacking brand of football and the teams are less defensive. Best of luck JoJo and hopefully Inter gets a good replacement for him now.

    • Alex

      don’t need one. I expect Pina to get some chances just like Cutrone.

      • Naves

        I was talking about another attacker as jojo can cover almost every position upfront. And beside I dont consider Eder as suitable replacement.

        • Alex

          JoJo sucked as AM, nor had the pace to play as a winger. We are in 2 competitions and Pina and Eder are more than sufficient to fill as ST. If we loan Gabi out though, we would need a winger…

          • Naves

            If you consider Eder and raw pinamonti better than JoJo then I am done on that subject.
            And yeah we do need winger that can play on either sides.

          • Alex

            They’re certainly not better than JoJo. But they will not complain spending majority of the season on the bench, and collect much smaller paychecks. That’s why to me JoJo’s transfer makes sense.

          • Naves

            That seems about right and one of the reason why Inter didnt pursue schik aggressively as he is also CF and can operate out wide with partner CF like he did at samp. Hopefully, icardi dont get injured.

  • Keith

    Jojo&Gabi out
    Keita in

    • Stefano

      I still hope Schick in.
      There still is a chance,he must be sold this mercato and he prefers us.
      We can find a way.

      Also rano,ansa and pina(on loan) out.
      Who knows..maybe even Santon out,who is almost fully recovered now.

      • Moh Iqbal Rosyadi

        Hiw about naga? Now he still build his emperor in inter..

        • John

          I think Nagatomo has lost the starter position. He requested to be subbed out so he can take it easy for the international game vs Australia. This is a big match, but I want players 100% dedicated to Inter starting games for us.

        • Bella Soraya

          While doing yoga..