Ansaldi: “I am heading to Toro, thanks to the Nerazzurri fans”

August 31, 2017 21:39
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Cristian Ansaldi confirmed his departure from Inter to Torino in an interview with Premium Sport: “I am heading to Toro. I always gave my best for Inter, I have still not talked to Mihajlovic. Things at Inter changed, I wanted to play more but I had many injuries. It was important to play from the start but the season started differently and I had to find a solution. It is everyone’s dream to go to a big team and I thank all the Nerazzurri fans who have always been kind to me. Inter will definitely return to the Champions League.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • InterAlwaysAndForever

    As I could notice he is not even hanging out with Icardi like he used before. Icardi found new buddies in Vecino and Valero. Poor guy realised he wont be getting playing time.

  • Vlad

    Good bye and good luck at Torino. To be honest i ratated him higer than Naga or Santon, but if no one want them so be it.