China also restricts Espanyol owners on future investments

August 31, 2017 19:00
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The problem of restrictions on future investments by the Chinese government does not just concern Inter.

In the same situation as the Nerazzurri, are Espanyol. The Spanish League club are chaired by Chen Yenshang, owner of the Rastar Group.

Carlos Garcia-Pont, vice-president of the club has today illustrated the problems that they are facing.

“Chen’s commitment to the club is total, Espanyol is an integral part of his business. Unfortunately, there are restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on spending for its future investments,” Garcia-Pont said.


Jack Portley
By Jack Portley
  • Facchetti

    I dont get how Milan has spent money then…

    • Wiktor Łosin

      It’s simple. All for bank loans. If they don’t qualify for UCL next season, then they will have to sell few top players. In the worst scenario in two years without UCL or high places in EL they will be in hands of bank…

  • defcon

    well this is frustrating.

  • No Vidal_No Problem

    so now what good is having a chinese billionaire as your owner???..F ur government
    GTFO and sell the club to an arab then