#PODCAST – Season Premiere of #StudioInter: “Stop the Candreva & Nagatomo hate”

September 6, 2017 15:16
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This is Studio Inter, the no 1 podcast in English dedicated ENTIRELY to FC Internazionale Milano – where it’s 100% Inter, 100% of the time ONLY on SempreInter.com.

The boys are back after a long summer break to discuss Spalletti’s impact on Inter before delving into the win against Fiorentina before being joined by RomaPress.us editor John Solano to analyze the impressive win away against Roma.

Is this the season when Icardi wins over his critics? Will Inter make the top ? Why does Mohamed have a bromance with Nagatomo? What’s up with Nima’s Candreva-apologism? Has Max jinxed Inter’s season? Why is Edoardo so annoyed with Inter fans?

All of this and much much more on the season’s premiere of StudioInter, so sit back, relax and join the boys as they delve deep into the black & blue world of the Nerazzurri.

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Host: Nima Tavallaey.
Panelists: Edoardo Delmonte, Mohamed Nassar & Max De Luca.
Guest: John Solano.
Edited by: Antonio D’Angelo.
Illustration/design: Tin Milekic.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Henry Michael
    • Alex

      Change it 4-3-3 with Icardi as lone ST, and I’m with you..

  • Alex

    Max De Luca criticizes Candreva and defends Fagatomo… He talks about “North American” Efficiency, and defends the crappiest left back in the entire Serie A. When was the last single useful cross Fagatomo had, Mr. Expert? How many duels does Fagatomo win on average every game?!

    Btw, as much as I hate Rube, I’d rather see them win Scudetto rather than seeing De Laurintis lift the trophy..


    We should be sold candy for 30mil to chelshit. We should just drop nagahomo never seen a player work so hard against their own team and create so many chan

    • Bellal Amerkhail

      unfortunately we couldnt get a quality replacement in time.

      • ROGUE LW

        Haha we HAD 3 months to replace him! But yea. We really didn’t have the money, especially since other clubs decided to bid on our replacement winger, starting a bidding frenzy which drove up the prices i.e. Schick and Keita. Hopefully we pick up someone like luan Vieira in the January window!!

        • Bellal Amerkhail

          Whos Iuan Viera? Yeah i wouldnt mind Keita if we sold Candreva but keeping him cant hurt cause we only have eder atm who isnt really a RW. Imagine we were even shorter attackers the way we are on Centre Backs.

          • ROGUE LW

            Luan Vieira is a badass Brazilian winger, who plays for gremio, sampdoria and Southampton were going for him but nothing developed. Just have a good feeling that he is Gunna become a top tier player, even more so than he Is now.

          • Bellal Amerkhail

            if hes cheap why not hahah

          • ROGUE LW

            15-20mil real cheap for a player of his caliber and potentials

          • ROGUE LW

            Guess my video link got taken DOWN? Wtf!?

  • itzmario

    irregardless is not a word

    • Aaron

      It actually is a word..often misused but..say what

  • ADRIANO158

    I loved Candy…. In Lazio
    The only One I can love when he don’t perform good is l’imperatore, Leite Ribeiro Adriano #10. My mistake

  • No Vidal_No Problem

    I do hate naga but love candy

  • Wynne Putradana

    I’ve never doubt about candreva, he has quality and good cross. He likes to go back to help defence too.

    • Omar

      If we had a quality right back going forward, we could see Candreva going deeper and producing a better play. But he’s the only one on that side that can make an attack. Same on the left, Perisic has to go back to cover Naga’s a** and sometimes it’s Miranda, which messes up the defence

      • Bellal Amerkhail

        Hopefully Dalbert and Cancelo can grow in their positions and solidify us for seasons to come.