Player Ratings – Inter 2 – 0 S.P.A.L.: The Perfect Run Continues

September 10, 2017 16:45
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Inter’s 100% record in the Serie A continues after a goal each side of the half-time interval from Mauro Icardi and Ivan Perisic led Luciano Spalletti’s men to a 2-0 win against a very well organized SPAL that proved a difficult nut to crack.

Samir Handanovic – 6: A difficult match for Handanovic in the sense that had nothing to do for long periods of time but did well when called upon.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 6.5: Got an assist for Perisic goal & gave an all-round good performance. Seems to thrive playing in this system.

Milan Skriniar – 7: So far he has been the best signing of the Serie A. Sensational movement, tackling, marking & passing. Unlucky not to score.

Joao Miranda – 6.5: As reliable as ever in the back directing Inter’s defence. Doesn what he needs to do without any fuss. Such an important player.

Dalbert – 6: Spalletti said he needs to work on the defensive aspect of his game but so far that’s been the best part of his game as he’s been very solid defensively.

Borja Valero – 6.5:  Inter’s midfield maestro is what the team has been lacking since Thiago Motta. Defends well & dictates Inter’s tempo when attacking.

Roberto Gagliardini – 6,5: Looking more & more like the player we saw last season. Won practically every single ball in the middle of the pitch today.

Antonio Candreva – 6: Seems to be enjoying himself under Spalletti. Made far fewer mistakes than usual as well as being very useful in attack & in defence.

Joao Mario – 7: Said after the match that he enjoys playing in this set up & it shows. Plays football with his brain as well as his legs.

Ivan Perisic – 7: Scored a sensational goal on the volley to wrap up the 3 points & looks better than ever. Has grown into a superstar at Inter.

Mauro Icardi – 7: Still not 100% fit physically yet plays the best football he’s played in his career. Yet another goal brings his tally to 5 in 3 matches. Killer.

Marcelo Brozovic – 6: Came on for Joao Mario in the 66th minute & did well. Doesn’t make as many mistakes as before & his attitude has changed completely.

Matias Vecino – 6: Replaced former Fiorentina team-mate Borja Valero in the 78th minute. Did what he always does: a good job without much fuss.

Eder –  NA: Was brought on in the 87 th minute for Antonio Candreva & didn’t play long enough to be marked.

Luciano Spalletti –  6,5: Yet another win after getting the tactics spot on again. Made the right changes at the right time. Has the team following his orders to a t.

Claudio Gavillucci – 6: Good performance from the referee & his team. The VAR is a good idea but the decision making process takes too long.

Inter – 6,5: Joao Mario said it best after the match: “Important to win despite not playing at our best.” A day at the office type of performance.

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Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Dadi

    off topic…müller looking to move away from bayern..would be a massive signing with perisic-icardi and him on the right wing we would boost our attack even more!

  • No Vidal_No Problem

    Even though Milan lost milan is still happy, Y’all didn’t get that???
    I’m talking about skriniar 😀

  • susanto r9


  • igo

    so, the third jersey?

  • who am i

    Guys did you know that de boer get fired after just 4 games lol

    • Wynne Putradana

      Really? Poor him

    • Søren

      That’s what happens when you want to apply beautiful football in a club that just needs to get the points – ugly or not. To many changes. He should really be thinking about his next move.

      • Playmaker

        yess he make the same step like when at inter, he seems not learn from his mistakes. he just jump at new league and apply everything inside his head, without analyzing the league playstyle and opponent tactics.

  • Guys,
    Brozo rating is a typo. Should be 6 as seen in image version of ratings. Will fix it now.

  • Cdp

    Can’t watch the game and only look at the highlight.. Damn that shot from skriniar…

  • Stefano

    I don’t know about you guys, but I was hoping for more QUALITY, from this Dalbert guy.
    Don’t get me wrong, in the end he did do his job, by working hard, also you can tell that he is potentially very fast and has lots of stamina.
    But he doesn’t seem to know what to do with his speed yet.
    But the worse part is that there does not seem to be much quality in his ball touch.

    I hope to be wrong and I will suspend the judgement for another 5-6 games, but so far..I am impressed by Spalletti’s work, I am definitely impressed by Valero and Skriniar and even by Vecino…
    But as far as Dalbert goes..he looks ..meh..ok I guess..
    but I was really,REALLY hoping for someone who flies through the left wing back and forth with strength and quality, helping create dangerous plays.
    I haven’t seen ANY of that ,not even a shadow so far.

    Will give him a month, even two..will see.

    • Wynne Putradana

      I think it was because Spal had a tight defence last night. Maybe we’ll see his real pace when we have a more open match.

    • Alex

      I watched him carefully. He is clearly worried about losing his spot to Fagatomo. Sad but true. So he’s trying to be extra careful to not mess anything up in our possession game. I refer you how Marcelo, the best LB ever after Roberto Carlos played in his first few season in Real Madrid. Not saying that he would become a Marcelo, but takes a few season for full backs to gain trust and confidence for crazy attacking work.

      Additionally, in a lot of our forward play, Perisic avoided passing to him cause he still thinks he’s playing with Fagatomo. Can’t blame him. Would take at least couple of matches for him to get used to not playing with an absolute tra$h player in Fagatomo…

  • Stefano

    Two obvious disagreements :
    Handa 6 is low.
    And Brozo 7 seems high to me.

  • AVO Opemi

    Remembered when Milan spent €200m in the transfer window and Their fans thought they will win the serie A, Copa Italia, UCL, Wimbledon and Olympic Gold

    • boln


    • syahrul sembarang

      Wonder wheres that rocco guy?

    • Deddy Kristian Aritonang

      Also MotoGp,

  • Wynne Putradana

    Brozo rating is a troll.

  • JAY

    Brozo was poor

  • ezekiel
    • Oro_^o^

      That’s the bonucci when he was playing for us. Glad to see nothing has changed since then. LOL

      • Aaron

        Loll must be something in the waters of Milan :'( maybe if Rano goes to Turin he becomes world class

      • syahrul sembarang

        Nothing but the price

    • Super atlit

      immobile didn’t do much trick. he was just dribbling forward and bye2…

  • INTERisLife

    We watch to different game it seem dambro could have been sent of for constantly making stupid tackles high up the pitch.dalbert wasn’t so impressive defensively misplays alot of simple passes…. Brozovic first 10 passes 8 of them were to spal players candreva still takes to long to cross

    • Aaron

      He shouldn’t have been sent off..because the ref gave him a soft yellow early and he knew that..but not bad for a ref who had his first inter game 🙂 but yeah Brozo and candreva is playing underpar…the positive thing is that all it takes is a purple patch from either of them and they’d start finding their range and playing for the team a bit more…it’s not all doom and gloom

      • INTERisLife

        Agree was a soft yellow but he was pushing it n the ref told icardi that he had giving 3 chance before

        • Aaron

          Man you’re right he’s underpar…the game could have easily gone another way because of silly mistakes..just hope we can ride our fortunes till this team really starts clicking and steamrolling teams on our day but as of now you can see we’re still a couple gears down…Icardi isn’t even 100% and perisic didn’t have his best game either apart from the goal but the most important thing is the win

  • ezekiel

    where is ming and another troll from milan now.. we need them in time like this.. LMAO.. XD

    • Pradana Gilang

      the one who said valero can’t defend, skriniar is young crap, dalbert is unproven sh*t, and vecino isn’t worth the price?
      he is hiding right now.. but will come up with ridiculous analysis after this.

      • I miss Marco Branca at Inter !

        24 mill for Vecino is expensive especially since you consider that for 20 mill Branca bought Coutinho + Kovacic

  • kuda


    • Passwordz

      Captain Bonucci played exactly like captain Ranocchia.

  • ezekiel

    my only complain is how you rate brozo.. for me he’s 6 or 6.5 more than that is a crime.. because you only give miranda and d’ambrosio 6.5^^

  • Søren

    About Brozo: “Doesn’t make as many mistakes as before & his attitude has changed completely”. Did we see the same game? He gave away two terrible balls in the middle of the pitch? I havn’t seen his attitude change. He is just riding along a winning team and even then makes stupid mistakes.

    • Nagatomo my legend

      And why is he rated as high as Skriniar ?!

    • yea, IMO Brozovic only deserves like 6 because he play around the same level of Candre at that match. some mistakes near the edge of the box. doesn’t offer much to the plays either.

  • ezekiel

    OT: lazio is leading 2:0 against milan now.. people here who talking shit about our mercato and praise milan, should check their reality now.. perisic-icardi-candreva are far better than borini-crutone-suso. you complain about cadreva’s crossing!? suso and borini couldn’t even make a single cross in the first half.. ^^ d’ambrosio-skriniar-miranda-dalbert are better than conti-mussachio-bonucci-rodriquez.. XD

    • ezekiel

      conti looks like shit in this game.. glad that we didn’t sign him to replace d’ambrosio.. certaintly not an upgrade..

      • ezekiel

        4-0 now.. their back four destroyed by immobile.. LOL

        • ezekiel

          4-1 now i hope lazio can keep their league and win this..^^

      • anonimac

        Conti isn’t even playing this game, he is injured.

        • ezekiel

          sorry.. my mistake.. should be callabria.. ^^
          edit: i deleted already..^^

    • ezekiel

      immobile and luis alberto looks very dangerous.. we need to be careful against them.. ^^

      • Fiano

        Where is that guy bilan fans who was always here to troll us??

        Anyway, Forza Milan.. Skriniar 😀

        • ezekiel

          LOL.. give him time to appear again.. he need it.. XD

        • Aaron

          Ming is sad…ming cannot troll today

        • Stefano

          To be honest it wasn’t just him ,but also some self defined “Inter fans”.
          And they have all disappeared recently.
          Good riddance.

    • Aaron

      Hey I agree with everything but candreva still sux lmao doesn’t use Milan’s misfortunes to praise him…but meh..he was decent this game

  • anonimac

    Bbilan is losing to Lazio 2-0 LOL. They won against Crotone and Cagliari and thought they’d win Serie A. Nice to see them struggle against more difficult opponent.

    • Pradana Gilang

      they losing 4-1.. their god fasobelli has give them expensive crap

      • Aaron

        Lol wait? I must be dreaming? Nobody wants us to be like Milan anymore? Smh…forza inter