Milan Director Fassone: “Inter could have won with Mancini but something went wrong”

September 12, 2017 14:30
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In an interview given to the Corriere Dello Sport, the ex Inter Marco Fassone was asked questions about Inter in which he responded clearly.

With whom is the race for the first four?

“Juventus and Napoli have something more than the others because they are more solid and proven. The race is between Inter, Roma, and Lazio as they are the same level as us. If we grow and improve as a team we can hassle every team”.

The derby of the 15th October is near. Inter is on top while you have slowed down. Are the Nerazzurri stronger?

“Last year they finished after us but this year Milan changed a lot. We will play without being afraid of Inter and the all other teams. At the derby and even before against Roma we will be more prepared than we are at the moment”.

How much you feel the derby against Inter?

“I have good memories of the years at Inter. My greatest upset was the last year of Roberto Mancini. We were first in the table but then something went wrong. Pity because we could have won the Serie A. Roberto is a great manager and I wish him every success because he deserves it.”

You won the transfer market derby this summer.

“Inter was subject to Uefa’s financial fair play. We will be next year but I don’t want to enter their business. Between our management and theirs, there is great respect”.





Luke Busuttil
By Luke Busuttil
  • Eshay Hazan

    mancini is the thing that went wrong. bring back nagatomo as full back after a decent performances from santon, montoya and telles, putting the horrible medel-melo together in midfield(it hurts my eyes everytime) instead of trusting kondogbia and brozovic(in a time where those two gave us hope), benching lijajic and jovetic for grandpalacio when we needed creativity and flair, etc. we were winter champions and mancinis decisions destroyed it alltogether.

  • Alex

    Lol, Lazio now in the top 4 conversation because you got trashed against them?

    I’m so glad that we got rid of this piece of junk. Their inability to sell players + the loans they got to sign players + the ridiculous amount of salary they’re paying to likes of Dollar-ruma and Bonucci without even being in the Champions League will come bite them VERY soon!

    • Aaron

      For the good of the both clubs in Milan I really hope their master plan does not fail but at the same time I hope that we finish above them at either rate.

  • Andrea

    I Think This site has become really bad, manny rubish news upload.

  • Inter4ever

    Something went wrong? Yes. Your management was incompetent alongside Mancini.

    • Musavie Abdillah