Marchetti: “Inter in with a shout for a UCL place, Spalletti had immediate ideas”

September 12, 2017 18:30
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Sky Sport journalist Luca Marchetti spoke on TMW Radio on Inter’s scudetto credentials for this season: “Maybe they will not be able to fight immediately to win the scudetto, but they are certainly among the candidates for a place in the Champions League.”

Marchetti continued by discussing Luciano Spalletti’s impact since taking over as manager in the summer: “Spalletti’s merit is that he had immediate ideas. Maybe next year, if they are in the Champions League, they will possibly be able to add men who can make a difference in a team that has already done well.”



Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • casperv

    Yep, with cl next year and with a done-with ffp we finally can expect Suning to do some serious spending on the market.
    Judging by today the team needs a class act player to rotate with the by-then 34 year old Miranda, another good left back seeing Naga will surely leave next summer, a world class right winger and an attic king mid (if not Mario explodes this year in that role which he already has showed he might just do). A central midfielder could also be nessesary

    • Anto

      i thought nagatomo’s contract will keeping him till 2019?

      • casperv

        Damn you´re right…

        • Deji

          Nagatomo san will retire with us

    • Alex

      Lol, good luck thinking Fagatomo will leave. Fagatomo is here to fill Zanetti’s chair once he leaves Inter for a role for Argentina National team.

      • casperv

        What?? Zanetti leaving for the Argentine National team? As what? He´s not qualified to coach or anything.. Zanetti will stay at Inter I´m sure

        • Alex

          I read somewhere that he might get a similar role in Argentina that Oriali have for the Azzurri. Rest assure Fagatomo is there to fill his spot :/

          • casperv

            Don’t believe he will leave Italy for a role as team manager for the Argentina national team – doesn’t make much sense I think. His family lives in Italy and he loves it there so why move back home?
            But of course he could fly back and forth…