Mourinho:”Im not surprised…”

September 12, 2017 09:30
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Ex-Inter manager, Jose Mourinho commented on Frank De Boer’s sacking: ” “I was released when I was a champion, the same thing happened to Ranieri at Leicester… Frank de Boer was fired after four games and next season something amazing will happen again. I’m not surprised at all – this is the world we live in. This is the world where many of you enjoy and also contribute to the type of pressure the managers are subjected to but nothing in football is surprising to me. ”



By Mario Gagliano
  • casperv

    Is he crying about pressure?? He´s not crying about the high salaries the coaches get even after being sacked.
    FdB sucks and he simply keeps on sucking everywhere he goes. He has one way of how to play football and can’t adjust and that´s why he´ll get into trouble everywhere but in Holland/Belgium.

    • igo

      my lowest bet is he’s too f*cking strict and intolerant, even to his own players. that’s what makes nobody wants to trust him enough, moreover with his laughable status after being sack from here, the players there might be making fun of him

  • Deisti

    I thought he is referring to start of Inter’s season. 😀

    • Anto

      lol me too 😀
      damn this clickbait article