Tuttosport- Defence, Christensen or Benkovic for January. For June, Diop of Toulouse and Gimenez of Atletico

September 12, 2017 10:10
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Even Luciano Spalletti has recently admitted that: on the defense side, there is a shortage of central defenders. It’s a matter of quantity, not quality. Ausilio and Sabatini are already working for January transfer market. According to Tuttosport, Inter is closely monitoring the situation of Andreas Christensen, who returned to Chelsea after finishing the seasons with Borussia Monchengladbach: ” If he continues not playing with Conte, a midseason loan could happen”. Apart from this, the trend for the immediate is Filip Bemkovic, a twenty-year-old central defender of the Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb, who was already approached by the Nerazzurri in summer.

For the future, however, the targets remain higher. Miranda is offering great performances, but a few days ago he celebrated his 33rd birthday and it is necessary to think of a replacement of the same standard. In addition to two already mentioned, Tuttosport is insisting on Jose Gimenez of Atletico Madrid and Issa Diop of Toulouse. The Uruguayan’s contract is going to expire in 2018: ” If the contract won’t be renewed, this would result in an excellent opportunity given that the current clause is of 65 million”, explained the Turin newspaper. While Diop is already worth 20 million, Oscar Diamani assures that: ” Soon, he will worth much more”.

Source: FCInterNews.it


Luke Busuttil
By Luke Busuttil
  • JAY

    jomenez of athletico lol

  • casperv

    Hmm Andreas Christensen has indeed played for Chelsea since returning from Germany. He has started one game (against Tottenham and played it all) and played in 2 other games so saying he hasn’t played is not true.
    Gimenez is playing for Atletico right? so why shouldn’t he want to sign a new contract with them?
    The other 2 targets I don’t really know but we need someone in in January, also be because I believe poor Rannochia really would want to leave by then. He has spend 6 months in England and done well, and had a couple of offers this summer from PL but we said no, and now he won’t stand a chance of breaking into the Italian national side (or their bench) at all!

    • xraytube

      Same reason as Miranda I hope. He choose us instead of Atletico when he was a starter there.

      • Dani Milekić

        Miranda left because Atletico wasn’t going to give him a starting spot anymore. They wanted to play Godin and Gimenez but they respected Miranda enough to let him leave and play first team football elsewhere.

        • JAY

          he would still start dont get me wrong but gimenez was showing good potential and they wanted him to become a star because he had more room to grow