Yixiang: “China can’t invest in Football”

September 12, 2017 08:30
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Vice-President of the Italian- Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Fu Yixiang spoke to Telelombardia about the Chinese involvement in the transfer market:”At this time, football is one of the areas where China is not allowed to invest. The decision was made in the summer and will hardly change in October, no change is expected.”

By Mario Gagliano

    Said that these new owners only care about turning a profit. And it’s really starting to show. There are lots of shady business deals going on in and outside of china, just depends on what the owners want to do. If they really want to invest and create a title and champions league challenging team, they would have done so ALREADY. I truly see them as just money making owners, instead of title challenging OWNERS

  • fcinter1908

    Errr should we worry with our club now??

  • zamorano1+8

    just some organized excuse imo. if they really wanna present this as an excuse for not spending than they should be labeled the worst football managers in the scene.
    lol who does believe this shit… china business is corrupt… if suning wouldnt know ways of how to survive on this market than they wouldnt even be where they are right now in china….

    only thanks in this mercato goes to spaletti for wanting to come to inter… dont even wanna imagine how we would play right now if not him and his player suggestions that got signed with the little money we actually had to spend for the mercato…

  • kuda

    This is not good. Uncertainty like this will only do harm to the management amd affect on the players as well if not managed correctly.

  • iAmJimmyShaker

    I have no idea what this article is trying to say.

  • Nagatomo my legend

    Lucky us ! We are suffering from communism more than America did during the cold war :)))

    • zamorano1+8

      heheh like america suffered from communism… only profited. they just took it to scare white america for pushing all their inhuman politics through^^

      ur name should be hoover the legend ;D

  • paris

    What does that mean for Inter? Not allowed to invest in China or Chinese investors worldwide?

    If that is the case, who milan bought players worth 200 million euros a month ago?

    • Fahm

      they released club-bond, they got their money from that bond to finance their activity.

  • Saudijac_30

    what? why? who made this decision?

    • ezekiel

      i read somewhere, it’s start from some stupid journalist that claim there’s money laundering by chinese company by invest in foreign football club. their goverment seems to take it seriously. and start their investigation. i hope it’s over soon.. i smell some jealousy from that stupid “journalist”. maybe he’s a rube fan.. LOL

      • casperv

        Still, Suning is a major company an International company with groups and properties all over Asia – if they really want to send money to Italy and to make us spend they will find a way!

        • ezekiel

          i hope so..^^