Beccalossi: “Spalletti has turned everything around for Inter”

September 13, 2017 23:00
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Evaristo Beccalossi spoke to Inter Channel on the impact Luciano Spalletti has had on the team at this early stage of his tenure in charge: “Inter is not 100% yet but Luciano Spalletti has turned everything around from a mental point of view and tactically. There is still room for improvement though. The coach is getting the best out of the players. Everyone who knows Spalletti knows he has the charisma and the personality to be convince the players. We are in good hands [with him in charge].”

Beccalossi then discussed Ivan Perisic: “He gave the impression that he wanted to go away, but he is now involved in the project, giving everything that he has got and has renewed his contract. He is a key player.”

Beccalossi concluded discussing the approaching derby with Milan next month: “Normally the team who is favoured loses, so we will say that Milan is favoured.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • inter_island

    So true.. More times than not the underdog wins the derby….

  • Binto Baggio

    I remember in mancini era we were at the top until in december when some of our regular players got injured and we got trashed easily. It can happen to spaletti considering the lack of squad depth we have. I can imagine if borja valero and skriniar/miranda get injured, this will be our biggest problem. Spaletti needs to be smart in squad rotation in order to avoid injuries, for ex when playing against smaller team better plays valero and skriniar/miranda for only 45-65 minutes (especially when winning is already in our hands). In this way we can reduce injury risks and also give other player more playing time to improve their morals.

    • 1nteristi

      Perfectly said brother

    • Farhan Gani

      wrong, we can’t rotate. Have u seen that Rannochia is in the bench? I hope Spalletti plays the best eleven every game as long as he can. In January we can sign a new defender perhaps. What happened to Mancini was that we lacked an identity, we played awful football only scoring one goal every damn game.
      Spalletti knows what football is about, playing well, Football is not only about results, cause those results wont last if u dont play good football. With Spalletti I am sure we will eventually.

      • Binto Baggio

        Between now to january is a long way to go my friend, but I see you very optimistic about spaletti and our current squad, thats fine for me

    • inter_island

      Good in theory but not reality. There are no per say small teams in Italy. Very rare is it easy to go 3 or 4 goals up by 65 minutes against any team in Italy. Classic example is our previous match vs Spal. And our next game vs Crotone… Well they did beat us last year so they aren’t no walkover either with bogey boys Bologna coming to san Siro after.

      • Binto Baggio

        I know its not easy, but at least we try to apply this strategy

    • SpaLLeTTi ^^ FORZA INDA

    • Deji

      he has been doing that. He’s a pretty smart coach. its too early in his first season to be switching from week to week. And we don’t play in Europe so we don’t have to do that either. He’s been doing a pretty good job with rotation. Even took out icardi, which I cnt remember when the last time that happened

    • Alex

      I’m not worried about Borja’s replacement. Jao Mario can step up. But yes, one of Skriniar/Miranda and specially Miranda is crucial to our defense. Rano along with Fagatomo are hazards to any stable teams…

  • Stefano

    Yes Spalletti is great, but just having a stable coach, any good coach since the beginning of the pre-season made all the difference ,when compared to last year.

  • Ranggi Arohmansani

    “Normally the team who is favoured loses, so we will say that Milan is favoured.”