TMW Radio : Mayor Sala : “Spalletti is like Mourinho”

September 13, 2017 11:03
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Milan’s mayor and Interista Giuseppe Sala spoke on TMW Radio on Inter.  “I’ m sure that Luciano Spalletti in making everyone agree on everything. He looks like obsessive in a very positive way. He is like Mourinho much loved by the Nerazzurri fans. On the transfer market, there are no secrets: Suning encountered problems because of the block by the Chinese government. We are talking about a company that earns 50 billion Euros a year and Zhang is one of the ten richest men in China.”


Luke Busuttil
By Luke Busuttil
  • Deathstroke

    buy the San siro plz

    • Ranggi Arohmansani

      that’s the idea until.. milan canceled their stadium plan and makes everything complicated.

    • Interfan99

      Will not happen in the next 20 years

  • Rino Maulana

    our owner company earns 50 billion euros a year,, while milan owner net worth 500million euros LOL

    • No Vidal_No Problem

      really?? is that true??

      • Ranggi Arohmansani


  • Martin

    He should just let Suning buy the Meazza..