Tronchetti Provera: “Inter can still play good football even though there is no star”

September 13, 2017 19:00
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Marco Tronchetti Provera, the CEO of Inter’s main shirt sponsor Pirelli, spoke with Premium Sport. He first discussed Inter in the current moment: “Inter has started well. Luciano Spalletti is a great coach, he has character, he knows how to keep the dressing room on his side and knows how to get his team to react on the field. He trusts the team and the fans. There are good players, there is no star but the team can still play good football.”

He was then asked who of the current squad would start in Inter’s triplete winning team: “Some might, the difference between this Inter and that of 2010 is continuity.”

Tronchetti Provera moved on to speak about possible signings: “This is a leadership that is dealing with the market, I have no anticipations. I’m a fan, not just a sponsor, I would like to see a big player. Messi? I’m afraid he is a dream, he gets better every year.”

The Pirelli CEO then discussed how he would feel if Massimo Moratti were to return to the club in some capacity: “I think Moratti has given all that he could give to Inter, his passion remains though. I think it’s hard for him to come back.”



Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • INTer

    star in build wait until next season most of our players will become star and most of their price will sky rocket

  • inter_island

    There is no star ??? Not because the rest of the world sucks EPL and La Liga players dicks doesn’t mean we have no stars.

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    germany has no stars and theyre beasts

    • fcinter1908

      Yup, and they are playing entertaining football!!! I hope we can get draxler, it’s a waste see him just for benchwarmer. Draxler totally upgrade for Candreva (no offense for fans, I also like Candreva but Draxler will be an upgrade)

    • inter_island

      Germany is loaded with stars. They just don’t play in the shit leagues where players get the recognition from media. You think Ozil would be still so talked about if he was playing for say Wolfsburg instead of Arsenal. Looking at you EPL and La Liga.

      • Bellal Amerkhail

        I mean that no one player really carries the team, everyone equally plays good football for the most part and they play as a cohesive unit.

  • mongkih


    • no, we`re not cheaters 😛

      we should qualify for UCL 1st, then everything will be ok.

      • mongkih

        Lol, just mocking our loyal sponsor thou

  • Dani Milekić

    Still remember seeing pics of Inter jerseys with Etihad as sponsors. Oh, the dreams.

  • ezekiel

    pirelli is a joke.. they pay us cheap as f*ck!! and we have no star!? okay if the stars you mean are megastars like messi, neymar or c.ronaldo! but if “only” a star we have players like perisic and icardi.

    • Aaron

      Give us more money to buy stars then.

    • fcinter1908

      Yeahh to be honest i wonder why still use pirelli??i believed there are more who willing to pay more than pirelli.

      • ezekiel

        because they’re close friend of moratti’s family..

    • casperv

      Agree 100% ! Icardi, Perisic are no stars? Handanovic – the best goalkeeper in Serie A, no star?? J.Mario; champion of Europe with Portugal: No Star???

      • inter_island

        Captain of Brazil.. no star.