TS – Is Brozo Inter’s ‘Nainggolan’? He needs continuity but Spalletti believes in him

September 14, 2017 14:00
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If in the end Marcelo Brozovic is to be the ‘Nainggolan’ of Spalletti’s Inter then at the moment the twenty-four year old from Croatia does have some of the right qualities to play the role of an assaulter which was how Spalletti used the Belgian, Nianggolan at Roma in order to replicate the role of Arturo Vidal while at Juventus.

Both Nainggolan and Vidal were linked to Inter this summer before Nainggolan got renewed at Roma and Carlo Ancelotti refused to negotiate for Vidal which even then may of not happened due to the restrictions on Suning’s investment from the Chinese government. Either way, it is now up to Spalletti to transform what he already has into players of this calibre.

Brozovic certainly has far more goal scoring ability than that of Joao Mario or Borja Valero and his attitude problems have also clearly been talked about with the Spalletti. However he doesn’t have the same level of intelligence as either of the two other potential alternatives in that role and must work towards this to repay the managers faith. As must Joao Mario learn to be more threatening when in front of goal himself.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia
  • inter_island

    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adebayo Lateef Adedayo

    Joao Mario ….. all the way.

  • Stefano

    I think Brozo has a lot to show and give still.
    Talking about “Potential” !
    He could become something entirely different:
    One of the best midf. in Serie A and the world, if Spal can work on his head, conviction and mentality..

  • Oro_^o^

    Rather than Brozovic, i think gagliardini has more chance to be inter’s Nainggolan

  • Herdz

    Nainggolan and vidal secret is their mohawk, so brozo need to cut his hair…

    • Wynne Putradana

      And tattoo too… with some bulkier muscle, and they are match.

  • Alex

    Physically is possible, attitude wise I doubt. Brozo is a machine, he can run just like Ninja and Vidal. But Ninja/Vidal turn their frustration into anger and take it on the other team. Brozo usually puts his head down and take it on our own team. Would he be able to do that? It’s possible.

    • Ray Ha

      Agree! I want to see Brozovic on fire. He can score great goals. I hope Spaletti can turn him into goal machine, which is still doubtful.

  • Deddy Kristian Aritonang

    It depends on whether Brozovic is willing to be guided by Spalletti or not. At Cagliari, Nainggolan had shown what a talented player he was. But with the right guidance from Spalletti, look how wonderful player he is now, also Strootman. Brozovic has a lot of room to improve.

  • Binto Baggio

    Yes he can, if he change his bad attitude, and I’m pretty sure that spaletti can help him out

    • El-Capit4no

      What is his BAD ATTITUDE you talking about he need to change?

      • Binto Baggio

        Are u sure u dont know his bad attitudes?

      • Bellal Amerkhail

        like last year when he carelessly gave them a handball in the box and we lost the match.

  • Reza Pahlevi

    It’s never gonna happen…

  • Inter4ever