GDS: The game of Bologna confirms: Inter lack an assailant

September 20, 2017 14:30
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The Gazzetta Dello Sport tries to summerise the moods in the Nerazzurri camp after the 1-1 draw at Bologna: “Everything is summed up and its right, no one can say that Inter stole something. More than anything Inter defrauded herself, its real potential. The team is tactically defined, Bologna confirmed everything we knew before the end of the transfer market: where the “stylist” moves Joao Mario serves an assailant like Vidal and Niangollan. A universal force and power that frightens and is not afraid of anything”.


Luke Busuttil
By Luke Busuttil
  • postal

    Well gee, selling Banega back to Sevilla for next to nothing is starting to kinda look stupid now, doesn’t it.

    • Stefano

      Yup, I have a feeling yesterday’s game with Banega trequartista was exactly the kind of game we would have ended up winning somehow..

    • Bellal Amerkhail

      Banega is the kind of player who gives a crazy killer pass out of nowhere and were like :O and then icardi casually finishes it

      • Pacho Nerazzuro

        Borja’s passing and read of the game are far superior to Banega’s. As someone recently said: “Banega is great when the whole team plays well but Borja makes the team play well.” Unfortunately Valero’s age doesn;t allow him to play 2 games per week and he should have started from the bench IMO

        • Bellal Amerkhail

          I will admit, banega did not flourish in serie a like i thought he would, borja is more accustomed for serie a.

    • Pacho Nerazzuro

      It’s about time to get off the Banega bandwagon. Inter had to sell him (together with a whole bunch of players) or Perisic (to Cheapchester UTD) before June 30th. Another option was Brozo for 30mil but nobody is that stupid. Banega’s price was low, that’s true, but was pure profit since we got him for free. No other player could be sold for profit. It’s sad but true.

      What the directors did and the way they managed to keep Persic and have him motivated and hungry again was pretty incredible. Banega was a necessary sacrifice. He was a decent passer, with an ability to shoot from outside and provide a threat from free kicks but that’s about it. He is also very inconsistent and he keeps disappearing in games for Sevilla and Argentina lately.

  • Boudou

    This game didn’t confirm anything. It was obvious we lacked Midfielders who can score and we didn’t do anything about it. We lost banega who could manage 4-5 goals in the season and no replacement. We’re also too thin in defense. Spalletti gonna have to work his magic until the winter mercato cuz the past 2-3 games were not convincing and reminded me of last season a bit too much.. without the losses fortunately

  • ADRIANO158

    Has anyone been at the stadium? I am far
    away from Italy, but I finally have an opportunity to travel to Milan. I
    really need to ask you, because I’m sceptic about tickets. What is the
    best and safest way to buy tickets for Meazza? Did anyone ever used this
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    • Bobo32

      I live far away as well but managed to watch the Derby last year. Check the Inter official website for tickets. This is where I bought mine. They might not come out till later so keep checking.

      • ADRIANO158

        Ok. Thanks. This sold out Derby scared me, so I wanted to grab tickets on this “football tickets” websites. I would consider official website too 🙂

        • Dani Milekić

          Only buy official products, you don’t want to get scammed.

    • Boudou

      I bought my tickets for this weekend’s game on the official website. Gonna be my first time seeing Inter live… pumped af, I hope they deliver

      • Sam Canestri

        I live in New Zealand but have managed to see Roma vs Inter at the Olimpico in 2008 when Inter won 4-0, Fiorentina vs Inter where Inter won and also Inter vs Liverpool Champions League at the San Siro where unfortunately Inter lost. You will not regret it. San Siro has an amazing atmosphere! Cheers Bro!

        • Boudou

          I’m sure bro ! I’m really excited, I’m taking my wife too although she doesn’t even care about football, she knows how much this means to me lol.

    • InterAlwaysAndForever

      register and buy via official website. I tried many ways and its the easiest, cheapest, fastest and safest. After u purchase, u will get your tickets mailed, you can either print or bring them on your smart phone while checking in stadium. Cheers!

  • NickyInterista

    I would like to see Candreva come in during the second half. He misses way too many open crosses, his free kicks and corners are ineffective, and in wide open play, best case scenario when he touches the ball is we get a corner out of it. Maybe we can push Joao Mario out wide to take a little of the pressure off. It seems he is too careless/ clumsy right now to play in the trequarista role.