Terzo Tempo – A Lack of Focus in Bologna

September 20, 2017 09:30
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Inter played Bologna today in Bologna and it was not their best performance at all. They looked very tired from the back all the way to the top. Inter tied the game for several reasons today especially when it came to sticking to the game plan which led to Bologna being able to exploit them off the counter looking very dangerous moving up on the odd man rushes.

First of all, I strongly believe that Dalbert should have started over Nagatomo for the sole reason of qualities of crosses into the box. His pace up and down the wing would have been a perfect quality in opening up space for Perisic which could have changed the outcome of the game completely. Another problem that Inter had today was that the quality of almost every single cross was horrendous. A large amount of Persic’s crosses were blocked and on the other side Candreva’s crosses were terrible all going way to short.

Something else to take away from the draw was that we needed to make Bologna feel much more threatened off the set pieces. It’s not normal that none of Inter’s 11 corners made Bologna feel threatened with all of them falling way to short of our key set piece winners’ heads such as Icardi, Skriniar, Miranda, Perisic; all players who prove to be very capable time after time in winning balls in the air.

In a game like today, I think that Spalletti should have given Karamoh an opportunity by subbing him for Candreva in maybe the 75th minute, at that point we were still down one for another two minutes. Karamoh’s pace would have forced Bologna’s backline to back each other up which would have opened up space in the middle possibly leading to a goal from Icardi’s explosiveness.

The problem with today’s game was that Inter didn’t play like themselves, almost as if they lacked confidence which they shouldn’t have considering they had won four straight. The way Inter has to play under Spalletti is with their grit and personality. Inter has to start the game with confidence and dictate the pace from the get go. We cannot let any other team dominate us or else we will implode and lose focus. We need Borja, Vecino and Joao Mario to be present on the field they need to decide the way this game is going to be played and not be bullied by other teams especially bottom table teams.

The second problem with our performance today was that once we went down the goal, we were looking for whats supposed to be the miracle. A long ball to Perisic or Icardi which would result in the tie instead of playing the way they did against Roma a few weeks back. We had to stay patient and the goal would have came off a nice build up. I feel that because we played a weaker team, we felt like we had something to prove which in turn back fired and resulted in disorganization and errors.

Lastly, what could have changed the course of the game was maybe testing the keeper a bit more. I think that we didn’t take enough shots on the keeper and he wasn’t really tested during the game. We have players who can shoot but for some reason they were all looking for the perfect play instead of trying their luck. All in all we move on with our one point to take on Genoa in Milano.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco
  • Stefano

    I wouldn’t be too worried yet.
    I saw parts of the game once again, not everything was as negative as some say.
    Bologna played an incredible game, we probably played a little better than we did in Crotone, that one was actually our worst game so far.
    I still have good sensations about our season, if we take the necessary arrangements and work on the needed betterments we could still have an interesting season.

  • NickyInterista

    I don’t understand how a team without European football can look so lethargic and uninspired. We should be chomping at the bit at the whistle but instead we let small teams bring the game to us. There cannot be excuses and I’m a little surprised a Spalletti team comes out so flat like we have the last few games.

  • Andreas Lindgren

    Well – we all have seen the problems for years now. We have wing backs who are at best decent at attacking.
    Perisic and Candreva gets no help what so ever in the offensive part of the game. The same squad with Maicon/Zanetti/Chivu probably had been one of the better in Serie A.

    Perisic and Candreva also struggles really hard against low defenses. They mostly get the ball faced towards the player doing the pass, so they are going in the wrong direction of the pitch. Neither one of them are superb at beating opponents in low speed situations, so we play so slow and are so easy to read.

    Finally we need more points from our central midmifielders. Mario, Valero, Gaglia and Vecinio needs to step up their game in the offense. We cant rely only on Perisic/Icardi for a whole season.

    • bajaninter

      We really need to get Karamoh ready. Or in the winter transfer window get someone who can do the job over on the right. Candrava sucks and I can’t see why fans here love him. He’s not effective at all to be playing full games as I believe he should be a backup for someone better. He had me so frustrated yesterday and almost ever match because he just looks down at the ball and crosses It! Sometimes none of our players are in the area but he still crosses! He is wayyyyy to easy to read and I think he and Perisic should try swapping side and try cutting inside and getting the shot off.

  • casperv

    “The way Inter has to play under Spalletti is with their grit and personality. Inter has to start the game with confidence and dictate the pace from the get go. We cannot let any other team dominate us or else we will implode and lose focus. We need Borja, Vecino and Joao Mario to be present on the field they need to decide the way this game is going to be played and not be bullied by other teams especially bottom table teams.”
    First of all: was this article written by a 7 year old? Or simply someone who has never played football themselves but simply have played FM2017/ FIFA??

    Besides claiming that Dalbert should have started again and not Nagatomo is simply stupid to say – especially when claiming he would have a perfect pairing with Perisic because of his blistering pace and great crosses – which the writter must have “YouTube’ed” because in his 2 games he has played, he has NOT showed any of this, in fact he had one cross last weekend which eneded up as a throw-in!
    I like Dalbert and think he will come through as a great signing, but right now he needs time to adjust and play without pressure, but Naga is the better of the two for sure right now!

    We didn’t have 11 corners but 12 and true; we didn’t do much on any of them.

    About playing Karamoh in the 75 minutes in a game wee the team is playing like shit and hope that this 19 year old youngster will enter and change the game, like someone in FM2017 is another stupid childies thing to say. We have a picking order/line in side the squad and Eder and Broso are above him in that line and he has to wait to get his chance – it´s as simple as that!

    What we DID learned that mario sucks as an attacking mid and Candreva is too one dimensional and easy to predict, but in Skriniar we have a true world class defender – or with the potential to become one, unlike Murillo or JJ! We need someone to help builindg play in the middle of the pitch, something Mario struggles to do, and therefor man-marking Borja out of the game and setting high pressure on Vecino is enough to take our midfield out of the game!

    • Pacho Nerazzuro

      I agree that Naga played good and performed much better than Dalbert in the Crotone game. You made some good points but disagreeing with the author does not mean you should insult him. Everyone is entitled to their POV and we come here to support our favorite team, not fight each other.

      • casperv

        When someone gets to write an article on Inter or something concerning Inter we all expect him to know his shit – otherwise what´s the point of letting him write it?
        What he wrote is totally off and true; maybe I was a bit harsh, but I simply got annoyed by it

  • Andreas Lindgren

    Perisic aint playing in the box on set pieces, but rather outside. Probably to fetch lost balls and take shoots with both feets. Also he has the best defensive skills to protect vs fast counter attacks on corners.

  • Deddy Kristian Aritonang

    In the previous discussion, I said that we would have clearer picture where our Inter would finsih on the table after 10-15 matches. Pioli, De Boer and Mancini had given winning streaks that made everyone seemed to believe we were scudetto contender. I fully trust Spalleti, but we should not have put too much burden on him. Our players are still inferior to those of Juventus, Napoli, and Roma. Seri A is never easy, and the games are always tricky. Most of our players were tired in this match.

    • Interista

      We play only one game a week and complain that the team is tired?! Actually we played so bad that I honestly tought we were gonna lose 2 or 3 – 0… we should have because bologna played very nicely. We on the other hand had Candreva who couldn’t get the ball over the first player in every cross he made..he was awful and yet stayed on the pitch for like 70 min… and what the hell is naga doing playing from the start?! We buy a player for shitloads of money and let him sit on the bench? Surly he can’t be worse than Yoga?! Many players were under par this evening… if we want CL we have to play every game like a final and be aggressive from the beginning to the end of every game…no more half speed showcases like the one yesterday…we were lucky..

  • Farhan Gani

    To be honest Inter played exactly like themselves and like recent 3 previous games. They depend too much on Icardi/Perisic upfront and Miranda/Skriniar/Handanovic at the back. It is the same Inter ive seen many years, nothing has really changed except that Spalletti knows that Inter can’t play like this.