Terzo Tempo – The Tactician

Terzo Tempo – The Tactician
September 24, 2017 19:30
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Inter played Genoa today in a very close game until a very unlikely hero came a long. Danilo D’Ambrosio scored the goal off a completed corner kick which ironically was one of Inters weaker aspects of today’s games In my opinion considering they played short on most of them. I will repeat myself again until they actually learn how to do it, Inter needs to bang more balls into the box to give Icardi opportunity to finish and a corner kick is a perfect chance for that. A large majority of their corner kicks were short passes to keep possession instead of throwing it in the box and let them fight a large Genoa back three which would have clearly payed off earlier.

A very crucial aspect that Inter failed to do was changing the sides of the game horizontally. I completely understand that we have the players that can play in the holes and turn the ball under pressure and what not but it took almost 15 minutes for Inter to use the left side of the field for a dangerous approach which is basic soccer sense. When one side is to jammed and compact, you use your center-backs or defensive midfielders and you change sides to open up space.

Lets look at Inter’s midfield and wingers. It started with Borja and Vecino holding and Brozovic in the attacking role with our two usual wingers. After Spalletti made his three subs, it was almost completely reformatted and it looked and felt very different. Brozovic easily solidified his spot as the attacking midfielder in the starting 11 over Joao Mario, creating two very strong chances. After the three subs, we see Joao Mario and Vecino deep and holding, Eder as the attacking midfielder and finally, after all this time, the wonder kid Karamoh in Candreva’s spot. These subs were all directly linked to changing the tempo of the game which was way to slow. Adding Karamoh, Eder and Joao Mario picked up the tempo of the game. The fact that Spalletti was able to pick up on what was wrong and asses the the situation and come out with the three points is truly something special.

I think that Karamoh should start next game over Candreva because I feel like he brought more to the game in 10 minutes of playing than Candreva brought all seasons. Karamoh’s performance was something to really notice at only 19 years old. Karamoh came to Inter already being known for his ability to burn players and now that he plays with Perisic, he can really learn a lot from him in training. Karamoh showed the Giuseppe Meazza and fans all around the world that he is not scared to take on guys one on one just like his mentor Perisic on the other side of the pitch. We saw him really bring his young creativity and when things didn’t go exactly the way he wanted he was able to draw the foul which resulted in Genoa’s second red, solidifying Inter’s three points. Karamoh also took the audacious attempt from several yards out of the box to force Perin to make the save, directly resulting in D’Ambrosio’s header goal off the corner that they actually banged in the box.

As I said before, this game was won by Spalletti and his ability to be able to asses what was wrong with Inter’s game which wasn’t horrible, just very slow, and make the necessary changes to be able to pick up the pace and score the goal for the three points.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco