Preview – Benevento vs Inter: Getting a convincing win before the break

September 30, 2017 12:05
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The last match before the International break and the derby is against hapless Benevento and Inter will have to flex some real muscle to keep momentum up through the break and onto the derby. Kick-off on Sunday at 15:00 CET.

The word torrid can’t begin to describe debutantes Benevento’s start to the Serie A campaign. The “Wizards” from Campania have not managed to get a single point and have scored just one goal in their six matches so far. While it is always advisable to respect one’s opposition and face every match with humility, it is difficult to expect anything but a comprehensive win by Inter against the league minnows.

Luciano Spaletti will be not likely change too much from the tactics used against Genoa, but it is entirely possible that either Eder or Yann Karamoh may start ahead of the underwhelming Antonio Candreva on the right flank. The midfield trio to start the match is always open to speculation with all of Joao Mario, Roberto Gagliardino, Borja Valero, Matias Vecino and Marcelo Brozovic all competing for said three positions.

It has become apparent that Inter’s starting eleven find the most success when using high intensity passing and pressing, moving the ball about quickly into the opponents’ final thirds. The only problem with that style of play is that it has also become apparent that the Nerazzurri are unable to maintain that same level of intensity for more that 20-30 minutes each match. Once the output drops, especially when facing a defensively tight opponent, the Nerazzurri are plagued with a lack of ideas as to how to break through the opponent’s fortifications. Against Genoa, it appeared that the proverbial coin dropped for Spalleti when he decided to play all of Eder, Joao Mario, Karamoh, Perisic and Icardi in order to exert sufficient pressure and get the win. Whether Spaletti will start with such an audacious lineup remains unlikely but it is good to know that the tactician has a tried solution up his sleeve should Benevento prove to be more resilient than their record foretells.

Team News

Despite not featuring once so far in a first-team fixture, the cruciate ligament injury to Primavera starlet Zinho Vanheudsen has dominated headlines midweek. The young Belgian was famously declared by Piero Ausilio as suitable cover to at center back, justifying the club’s lack of investment in that position. While the injury changes little with regards to Spaletti’s starting eleven selection, it certainly puts the entire club on edge when worrying about injuries to defenders.

Probable Inter line-up (subject to change): (4-2-3-1) Handanovic; Dalbert, Miranda, Skriniar, D’Ambrosio; Valero, Gagliardini; Perisic, Joao Mario, Candreva; Icardi  (C)


Last Season: Not played, Benevento in Serie B.

Last 10 Head to Head:Since this is Benevento’s debut season in Italy’s top flight, this will be the first league encounter between both sides.

Keep an Eye on

Joao Mario: Joao Mario has been a bit of an enigma for the club. His performances have ranged from world-class to anonymous pedestrian. What is a certainty is that when he comes off the bench he is always a very useful addition to the squad, and so it will be important for midfielder to show that he can consistently have the same impact when selected to play from the first minute.


Refereree: Daniele Doveri

Assistants: De Meo, Di Vuolo

 Fourth Official: Fourneau

Additional Assistants: Valeri, Giallatini

Prediction & Authors Note

Prediction & scorers: Benevento 0-3 Inter with Icardi, Joao Mario and Karamoh scoring.

Author’s Note: Despite last week’s win against Genoa having been hard fought and not a result of particularly beautiful football, it was a very important victory nonetheless. Now is the time for the Nerazzurri to make a statement by combing both quality of play and end result.

By Mohamed Nassar
  • Anang Shikamaru

    another unconvincing performance..perisic icardi candre should be benched..they are the worst..give karamoh brozo eder and j.mario starting spot

  • Este19

    Aaaaand Benevento score their 2nd goal of the entire season against us. How did I know that was coming. Concentrate, guys! There are no automatic results in this league! We have to play better than this with Milan, Napoli, Sampdoria coming up.

  • Aaron

    Brozovic wtf

  • Stefano

    Napoli up 2-0 in the first half with Cagliari.
    Disappointing, I had a little hope for Cagliari to give them an hard time.
    But, I have to admit,I am watching them and ..God they play well or what ?

    • Stefano

      3-0 at the beginning of the second half…this was never a game.
      Cagliari never even attempted a play so far’s already way finished

    • Dani Milekić

      They play the best football in Italy but choke when it matters the most. Can’t see them win over Juventus sadly.

  • Stefano

    Benevento is going to be tougher than most of you believe.
    They are not as bad as the numbers make them appear right now.

  • Stefano

    By the way:
    Palacio just scored an amazing goal.
    Genoa 0 -Bologna 1 at the 70 min.

  • Stefano

    Convincing or not.
    A 1-0 win with a suspect pk at the 94th minute and I am happy and celebrating just the same,if not more.

    I would rather reserve the great performance ,with the 3-4-5-6 goals scored for the derby.

    • FcInterNj89

      I agree that we must go and take the 3 points. However, I think the team must go out and impose their will on these scrubs. Take these points with authority. 1-0 is not a satisfactory result. The final score will speak a lot about how this season is going to evolve. A 1-0 result and we haven’t learned anything about the heart of this team, same old Inter we will be saying, didn’t get the job done against bottom table teams. Inter need to go out there and run for 90+ minutes! Show us some heart! Give me a peek of that ‘killer instinct’ and go get 4,5,6 goals..with a clean sheet! We have 2 weeks to worry about the derby, starting Monday.

      • Stefano

        With 30 1-0 wins we would win the league with a record march, a couple months early ,7- 8 games before the end of the league .
        Facts are facts, for now there would be nothing wrong with a 1-0 win..
        that’s what counts:
        I do not care about our usual, annual 7-1 win, I want the points.
        Every game is a different game, what really matters is winning and take the 3 points home.

        And do not underestimate Benevento, they will play for blood.

        • Anto

          thats right, i dont want 7-1 win against atalanta like last year then followed with bad result of 8 straight matches without win.. a win is a win and it needs to be celebrate and we need to be grateful.. a consistency of win is something that we need to have now for a good strong foundation to create a strong team with winning character

  • kuda

    Icardi need to score to keep up with on fire dybala

    • Stefano

      Icardi needs to score and most of all play well, to help Inter win.

      I am an interista not an icardista

      • Aaron

        He’d play well when he’s serviced well 🙂

        • Stefano

          Look , Spalletti himself, just TODAY, in his most recent press conference, said :

          ” Icardi is one of the best I have ever seen in the box, I just want him to come back and play between the lines a little more,I only ask him to come back more toward the team , to participate, to move more between the midfield and the attack and help the team a little more.
          He is already doing it very well.. but we are working at that “..

          The message was very clear.
          And that’s exactly what I wish Icardi would do a little more and a little better .

          One game Icardi finished with 14 balls touched.
          Most center forwards touch 14 balls in the first 20 minutes of the game.
          He needs to start “playing ” more.
          He can’t just stand always up there, always stuck up there in the middle when we attack , for 70-80 minutes of the game, because if he does our game plan ,the fluidity of our plays will always be very difficult.

          • Wynne Putradana

            Something missing from milito era.

          • igo

            just like i thought. how i miss the fluidity

          • Dani Milekić

            He is a limited footballer. I agree with you but you can’t expect him to play like that when he can’t. In all these seasons with him being our forward I don’t remember him taking on a defender once.

      • kuda

        Hmm I thought if icardi scores, it means he helps the team since his main duty is to put the ball in the net. Hmm so if someone supporting icardi to score, it means he’s an icardista, not interisti. Hmmm that’s weird.

  • boen

    Icardi, icardi