From UK – Mourinho thinks he can convince Ozil, Inter…

October 3, 2017 14:30
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Jose Mourinho believes he can convince Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil to join his Manchester United side the Independent report. The German midfielder has under a year left on his contract with Arsenal and has also been subject to much interest from Inter. The fact that Mourinho and Ozil have worked together previously could give the Red Devils the upper hand over the Nerazzurri.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • kofko

    Why would man utd need another midfielder..?.. They have quantity and quality at the same time

  • No Vidal_No Problem

    at inter he’d be benega 2.0 ..great but inconsistent

    • tarttata tarattata

      well ozil worked in la la liga and epl i think he can work in serie A

      • Interfan99

        La liga, epl, and bundesliga

    • kofko

      You are out of your mind

      • No Vidal_No Problem

        i take that as a question “are you out of your mind?”
        no , i’m not, that’s just my opinion

        • kofko

          This was my opinion based on your comment. It’s a statement not a question. If I wanted to ask you a question i would have known

          • No Vidal_No Problem

            u can’t attack my intelligence then , just cuz i think differently I’m out of my mind? , I didn’t offend you cuz i’m kinda kind

          • kofko

            How is that offending? Omg. Never mind pointless to keep discussing with you

          • No Vidal_No Problem

            chill bruh …ok let’s end this sh*t here