GdS: Gabigol incognito, how will Inter manage his case?

October 8, 2017 11:37
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The difficult time for Gabriel Barbosa continues where he at the moment is having trouble getting playing time at Benfica as well. “This season Gabigol and Inter will have to figure out how to handle his future” explains La Gazzetta dello Sport. “After scoring only one goal (against Bologna) in the few appearances he made last season, Inter management is already thinking about how to resolve the situation for a player they payed 29.5 million of euros whos in addition has a salary of 3 million net”.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Musavie Abdillah

    We (and I mean everyone) need to be patient, let’s wait until half-season then evaluate.
    If thing didn’t go well, we need to recall gabigol and loan him to ITALIAN mid to low-table club.

    • JAY

      no one wants to pay his salary

  • Interista

    He has to lower his ambitions and go to a midlevel Italian team where Inter pays his salary and he is guaranteed playing time and hope to god that he shows his worth so they get the invested more money back…. or just drop kick Kia joraabchian in the face next time…

    • dipesh

      we didnt sign Gabriel jesus because kia said gabigol was better, we trusted an agent rather than our scouts

      • Interfan99

        Nah, more likely because he choose city… any youngster would prefer coached by guardiola

        • Oro_^o^

          Not really, city just offered a better transfer package than us. The funny thing is, his wages (@city) is lower than the unproven gabionegoal, even though gabriel jesus was the best attacking player in Brazilian league back then.

      • Pradana Gilang

        It was funny that even in youtube, gabigol is not in the same level with g jesus but we still insist to bought him. Now we can see who was the culprit of this scandalous transfer. I’m talking about the one who splash 200 milion dollar on random transfer deal this summer.

    • casperv

      He struggles in Portugal as well and has played some 80somthing minutes so far in two or three games and he’s being criticized for the same things he was at Inter: not working hard enough at training and not willing to learn how to move on the pitch.

      If we can send him back to Brazil in exchange for a true talented player from there I’d do it…

    • John

      The folks at Suning were clueless back then. I remember them asking Joorabchian who to appoint after the de Boer sacking, and he had a big say in the appointing of Pioli.

      Gabigol is quickly becoming Kondogbia II, or worse – as Kondogbia is at least getting some playing time at Valencia.