Zanetti: “Inter, 3 points in the derby. Suning? Are a guarantee

Zanetti: “Inter, 3 points in the derby. Suning? Are a guarantee
October 11, 2017 13:00
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“In the derby I expect to see further signs of growth in all points of view. A victory would further boost the self-esteem of a group that is already demonstrating unity and a totally positive attitude to the new technical aspects of their training.” These are the words used by Inter’s Javier Zanetti, vice President, in an exclusive interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, to reveal his expectations for Sunday’s big match. When talking about the derby with the famously pink Newspaper there were many areas touched upon, here are the most significant:

Is Spalletti the key behind this added value to the Inter team?

“Our technician is devoting much of his time to this job, he’s always thinking about improving and has a high level of quality in his own staff. He sees the team as often as possible, he is honest, loyal and ingenious, so the players blidnly follow him.”

The team is still incomplete, there has been much criticism, in your opinion what can Inter achieve?

“I must say that from our perspective the team has great technical ability, we are convinced that this group is solid and complete. In general for this season we want to and believe we give everyone a good game, the main goal however is definitely to return to the Champions League, we must return to Europe because it is the clubs history and it imposes itself and winning on Sunday would help greatly in separating the gap between our competitors. We are building a great future both as company and a team, the fans need not worry. Suning is a guarantee in this regard.

Is Icardi a symbol?

“Since he’s been with us, he’s won a Seleccion on the field by working hard and not being affected by anything off the pitch. He’s a serious professional, really in love with Inter and we ant to win something important together.”

Who does he compare with?

“He attacks in a similar way to Crespo, Hernan was lethal in the final sixteen metres, one of the best I’ve ever seen.” What is Milan waiting for? “They’re dangerous, it will be a decisive race for both the Champions league and for a great derby.”

It is in fact that after the historic Triplete there has been more bad times than good

” I love Inter, I always receive a great deal of love from around me. In any case the fans can reassured, because the new owners here really care about the club, they want to bring it back to the top of the world and they’ve shown their intentions with big statements. Today, there are clear roles and a highly skilled people in each sector with a constant desire to build a strong team. Everyone here has a precise task, and there’s a technical team with great quality and experience, to name a few, Sporting Director Piero Ausilio, Coach Luciano Spalletti and technical coordinator Walter Sabatini. There is also another important group that work to modernise the infrastructure and operations here to bring Inter as a brand to every corner of world with great strength with great communication strategy…”

In contrast, the fans showed great disappointment in Inter’s last transfer campaign leading to much concern regarding Suning’s will to strengthen, can you calm the people?

” Achievements on the field come as a result of being a strong club away from it, we’re laying the necessary foundations first. We’re getting stronger, we’re happy and our work is being recognised overseas as well: we’re an active member of the ECA and we are delighted with the sincere appreciation from FIFA and UEFA. I have great relationships with European Football leaders. I’m then following the strategic projects that carry the Inter brand across the world, such as the new academies we have opened in, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia.”

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia