Sky – Dalbert leads Nagatomo to start on Sunday

October 12, 2017 19:30
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Sky Sport report that Luciano Spalletti knows his team that he will deploy for the derby barring one position, left back. It is between summer signing Dalbert and long serving Yuto Nagatomo to take up the position and it is the Brazilian currently in the lead to do so.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • casperv

    This game is all about experience and Nagatomo has a lot more of that than Dalbert. Naga has been away on international duties with Japan unlike Dalbert who has been working wiith Spalla for 2 weeks so that´s his advantages, but still; I think Naga will start!

  • postal

    Impossibru! Lord Nagatomo is perfect, therefore must shine like a star in this match of matches!

  • ADRIANO158

    In Serbian KARAMOH (without “h”) means WE ARE FU*KING… Its written without “h”, but its pronounced the same. So good.

  • ADRIANO158

    Karamoh Karamoh Karamoh

  • Stefano

    Dalbert has the advantage of having remained in Milan training with Spallo and doesn’t have an intercontinental flight on his back ,just 3 days before the derby, like naga.
    Naga is safer and has produced even more offensively so far.
    I don’t care.

    The one player I am actually missing for this game is the new found brozo trequartista.
    Mario has produced jackshiite offensevely from that spot so far.
    People criticize candreva so much, but twice candreva gave him perfect assists and JM blew them both off.
    If Mario must play, then 4-3-3 would be better.
    He does not look like a plausible , serious trequartista so far.
    But hopefully he becomes one on Sunday ..hope never dies.

    • casperv

      Agree, I noticed that Mario played as a right winger for his national team the other day…

  • JAY