VOTE: Who Is Your Man Of The Match for Inter 3 – 2 Sampdoria?

October 24, 2017 23:16
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Inter outplayed Sampdoria for 60 minutes leading by 3 goals thanks to a Mauro Icardi brace and a goal by former Blucerchiati defender Milan Skriniar. However, football matches are played over 90 minutes which led to Sampdoria getting 2 goals back causing unecessary drama toawards the end but the Nerazzurri rode out the storm and recorded their 8th win in 10 matches in the 2017/2018 Serie A season.

Inter came out all guns blazing and hit the woodwork twice in the first half in what was the best first half Inter has played this season. Milan Skriniar broke the deadlock scoring his 2nd goal of the season and decided not to celebrate his goal against his former paymasters before Mauro Icardi first hit the post with a powerful header but then scoring his 9th goal in as many matches to double Inter’s lead.

The Inter captain scored his second of the game early in the second half before Inter suffered a collective lapse of concentration allowing Sampdoria to get 2 goals back putting Inter under pressure. However, all’s well that ends well and Spalletti’s men came away with all the 3 points on the night going top of the Serie A with the rest of the teams in the league playing tomorrow.

Who stood out for you in black & blue? Vote below and find out who the winner is on the next episode of #StudioInter next Tuesday.

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Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Mayor inter

    We should exchange Pastore and Joao Mario,
    What do you think guys?

    • il Biscione

      I like Pastore, but he´s terribly injury prone. In that exchange PSG should pay something like 15-20mil besides giving Pastore.

      • Mayor inter

        Yeah, they should pay something like that range…Pastore has Seria A experience and he can shoot

        • il Biscione

          The one PSG player I´d really want in exchange for JM (if they really want to exchange someone to him) would be Gonzalo Guedes. Well, he ain´t moving away in January, because he´s on loan at Valencia and we don´t need more wingers this season.

          Vidal would be perfect for Spalletti, because he can play dm as well as am, but I really don´t believe Bayern are gonna sell him in January. Yesterdays game showed that Spalletti also kind of needs another midfielder who can defend well.

          Pastore and Ramires for JM would solve the problem this season, but I don´t know how good of an idea it really is to trade JM to Pastore. JM will eventually shine when a coach finds the right position for him, be it for us or at some other team.

          • Mayor inter

            Well said…Though we desperately in need of AM/DM and CB not Winger…
            FORZA INTER….!!!!

          • Bellal Amerkhail

            id love draxler for j mario +20 mil

          • il Biscione

            I wouldn´t oppose having Draxler, though he might be kind of direct competition for Perisic. I know he can play amc and amr also. I actually don´t know his capabilities as amc for example, because I haven´t seen enough of him playing.

            One thing with these PSG guys is that most of them have really high salaries and that could be a problem for Inter. But it´s hard to say, because I don´t know exactly how high their salaries are.

            I always dream of new top players, but it´s hard to say how wise it is to take new guys (who should be or think they should be starters) in January as they might not fit in right away. Maybe something like taking Ramires on loan along with a back up cb + sticking with JM would be the best solution? I don´t know, big decisions for the management.

          • Bellal Amerkhail

            Draxler could play on the RW or AMF for us, hes itching to make his impact in europe, technically gifted player with an eye for goal. German efficiency too lol

          • il Biscione

            He’s a top class player.

  • Walter White

    In my opinion ( can´t belive that I am actually writing this ) player of the game was Nagatomo. His best game at Inter so far. Honourable mentions are Perisic, Icardi and Skrinjar. Pazza night!

  • Firman Winardi

    Vecino, has been improved so well,
    His movement on midfield area is unreal.

  • Mahmoud Jaradat

    Dont know who recommended mario and barbosa to inter last season. 60 millions wasted on midecore players

  • grilliant

    Vecino for bossing the midfield until he subbed off

  • Herdz

    Vote for Icardi, but special note for perisic…

  • Chris Triumbari

    This was so frustrating in many ways,first off spalletti has been doing an awesome job,however I dont get why dalbert isnt getting more playing time,how can people seriously be happy with nagatomo who almost gave us an own goal,but cant let a young player who actually has been doing decent get playing time to improve.also cancelo hasnt started a game yet and karamoh looks like he has so much potential especially after the genoa game yet again we are wasting him on the bench.Joao mario is good but I feel like he has to work himself into the game.Overall we wont win anything by only using 14 players for the whole year,I want to see karamoh and dalbert but they dont get chances to play because lord naga and candreva always have to,I get candreva is in good form but we need to use our squad.forza inter

  • casperv

    I was left very disappointed by the result of this game. Not by the performance of the players, because they did brilliantly for one hour or for as long as they had energy on their batteries, but I was very disappointed in our brilliant coach: yet again the plays with the same 11 players as the game before – which makes sense when building a new team and for one hour they were superb as mentioned, but when the team needed their coach to step in and give them a hand he was no where to be found.
    The guys had played a very hard game 3 days before this one and ran out of energy after 1 hour and then Spalletti should have brought on fresh legs to spice up the team but he didnt! What he did was to take off 2 players that had been playing brilliantly (Vecino and Nagatomo – yes I know, but he was great to night) and replacing them with Mario who sucks big time as an attacking mid and Borja who hasn’t got enough muscle power to play in a mid two in the ned of a game where he too was very tired – that´s why Samp over-ran us; Gagliardini was left totally alone in midfield.
    As for naga Spalla went – not for Dalbert who had been looking good but for Santon!! He didn’t anything and in fact was to blame for not stopping 34 year old Quagli…. for scoring his goal = 2 very strange and poor changes from Spalletti. Eder for Icardi makes sense, even though Cancreva barely could walk when Eder came on and icardi still seemed fresh…

    But at the end of the day 3 points are 3 points! Forza Spalletti you old genius and forza Inter!

    • Bjørn Tollefsen

      I realise u are probably not the birghtest boy around, but yet I try to appeal to your intellect: if u look at Sampdorias second goal u will see that Santon has another player behind him, that’s who he is marking. Skriniar was marking Quagli. u realise that u don’t mark a man from behind? Considering the trijectory Santon tried to help out, but pretty difficult when u come in from behind.. Skriniar lacks routine and was definitely caught on the wrong leg, as he didn’t even get close to his marker.

      • casperv

        He failed, Santon, because he left his man get in front of him – if you have ever played football you´d know…
        Besides, I have no clue who the h–l you are and you surely don’t know me either so please stop calling me stupid or unintelligent.

        • Bjørn Tollefsen

          Wow, i guess retarded is a better fit.. Let his man get in front of him? look again and count… u can count right? I wrote above “if u look at Sampdorias second goal u will see that Santon has another player behind him, that’s who he is marking.” Therefore your response is without logic.. If u have problems understanding English, i can also phrase it with “easier” words, if that would be of help?

    • il Biscione

      Vecino ran his socks of and had to be changed due muscle fatigue. Spalletti needs another midfielder who can defend as he really had no good options for Vecino yesterday. Ramires on loan for example would help. Santon was for defending headers as one might expect long balls from Samp at the end of the game. It all seems very sensible to me after hearing Spalletti´s explanations.

      • casperv

        Vecino was great against Napoli and superb again today but true, was tired – but Santon as a header? Why not Rannochia or Dalbert who is taller than Santon? Remember it was Santon who failed in marking Quagliar when he scored his header!

        • il Biscione

          From what I know I believe Santon is 5-6 cm taller than Dalbert. I understand what he was going for with the subs, but the end result wasn´t what he/us hoped for. If you put in Rano you have to change to three cb´s and I guess he didn´t want to cahnge the formation. Retrospectively you can say they might not have been the best subs, but at the moment he made those subs I would have probably agreed with his thinking.

          • casperv

            Not bitching Spalla – he´s the man! And the way he has made all of our players fight for each other as one unite and made us play fine football, unlike what Mancini, is very impressive! I love our coach and trust him totally, still he´s subs made little sense yesterday I thought – also the Mario for Vecino with Borja in central midfield at a point in the game where muscles are needed made little sense

          • il Biscione

            I get your point. But with Vecino seemingly unable to continue what muscles did Spalletti have yesterday on the bench to replace him? Maybe switch the positions of JM and Borja, but JM is soft, he doesn´t really provide muscles. What subs would you have made?

  • kuda

    Of course icardi and perisic second.
    Spalletti late subs ruined the game.

  • John

    Lord Nagatomo. Not kidding.