Terzo Tempo – The Ex-Ecutors

Terzo Tempo – The Ex-Ecutors
October 25, 2017 09:30
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In todays game Inter faced Sampdoria in a game that looked a bit scary in the early minutes but things quickly picked for a fair while until easily dipping again which is what resulted in the two Sampdoria goals. There were many contributing factors to the fact that Inter almost allowed their opposition to make a comeback at the San Siro. I think that the whole starting eleven played a fantastic game after the first ten minutes because before that it was all Sampdoria’s game and it had me worried from the get go.

Milan Skriniar proved to able to do just about everything, the fan favourite is the complete package he’s able to defend with elegance and has the ability to play balls into the wholes for his holding midfielders making it very easy for Inter to turn and build off of. His goal showed so much determination just beating the keeper by a split second to the the ball and to not celebrate shows great class from the young man, He’s a very good and well rounded young man.

Icardi did what Icardi does best; finishes. Icardi is arguably one of the best poachers at the moment in the sense that he only needs three or four chances to pick up a brace in a game, he’s fantastic at what he does and is a very large reason for Inter’s success. He comes in deep to meet his midfielders to turn the ball before running straight back to the shoulder of the defensemen these are his best traits and as long as Inter keeps throwing balls in the box for him, he’ll be there to clean them up. Another very Interesting aspect that I feel like I have to keep writing about because it’s so impressive is the way he hold his runs, a little burst of sprint followed by a rapid stop forcing the defenders to keep running without him and leaving him a few steps of space, which very evidently is all he needs.

One very noticeable aspect in the game was the substitution of Vecino. Vecino showed very clearly that he completes the midfield and him along with Valero and Gagliardini are clearly the reason for why Inter can be such a dominant team. With that being said I’m not saying that Joao Mario played poorly by all means but today Vecino was just the last piece of the puzzle and a key to Inter’s success in the midfield.

I think that Sampdoria’s goals were beautiful team goals but a few things went wrong in the back in both circumstances Inter got caught on the counter and at this point it was D’Ambrosio and Santon (a very interesting sub to add height and strength to the back line) and they both got caught up the field. Santon was able to catch up to the crosser and D’Ambrosio wasn’t able to mark the header goals properly. Regardless I think they just thought they had the game won and got lazy. On the second goal specifically D’Ambrosio is caught ball watching which allows the Sampdoria striker to finish a very important goal for them.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco