Max De Luca – Everything Zen: Inter Walking Higher Path Under Luciano Spalletti

October 28, 2017 13:58
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In the ancient art of zen meditation a few fortunate practitioners are able to obtain a brief glimpse of what lies on the other side. A sneak peek of what’s over the wall, a sudden flash of awareness; a spiritual awakening. This phenomenon is known as satori.

It’s the first step on the path of enlightenment. It can vary in duration but it’s usually a fleeting moment, one that stays with you for the rest of your life. It happens with no warning and gracefully destroys the remnants of your old self before triumphantly ushering in a new state of consciousness, which lays the foundation for a new transformation.

For 45 minutes against Sampdoria we were lucky enough to see Inter attain satori and it was a divine experience indeed. The Nerazzurri attacked the flanks with ruthless efficiency, interchanging positions at a dizzying pace and unleashed an unrelenting barrage that left the Samp defense punch drunk.

Milan Skriniar, the 22-year old veteran as I like to call him, was a calming presence in defense and opened the floodgates by poking the ball past Samp goalkeeper Christian Puggioni in the 18th minute. He respectfully refused to celebrate against his old club but that didn’t mean he wasn’t brimming with pride on the inside. The Slovakian center-back has been the steal of the summer so far.

The man of the moment – Mauro Icardi – broke the game open against his former team as he expertly volleyed home from 15 yards out in the 32nd minute before tapping in a sumptuous cross by Ivan Perisic in the 54th. Icardi should have netted his second consecutive hat-trick if not for his header bouncing straight off the post, but the damage was already done as Inter were up 3-0 before an hour was played and it really should have been more.

But as with most ephemeral moments of bliss, Inter eventually came crashing down to earth. The Nerazzurri reverted back to their old destructive ways in the final 30 minutes – conceding two goals – and had to hold off a spirited fightback by Sampdoria instead of cruising comfortably to the final whistle.

There’s a long way to go, but the Nerazzurri are on the right path under Luciano Spalletti’s guidance.

An old zen proverb reminds us that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Spalletti worked wonders with Roma, leading the capital city club to their highest single-season points total in the 2016-17 campaign and is engineering an even more impressive turnaround at San Siro.

Last year at this time, Frank De Boer was on his way out the door after just 84 days in charge, Icardi was openly feuding with the Curva Nord and the club’s directors took every opportunity to throw each other under the bus.

Inter were experiencing a dark night of the soul and needed to snap out of their existential crisis. Spalletti has taught his pupils to drown out the excess noise. He’s brought equanimity to a chaotic concerto. He’s given Inter an identity and now everyone is dancing to the same beat.

He’s performed a minor miracle by bringing out the best in Antonio Candreva and Yuto Nagatomo. The Japanese international was given a well-deserved standing ovation after he was substituted in the 84th minute against the Blucerchiati while Candreva has been delivering the goods on a weekly basis and the Italian international has looked every bit the part of a top-class winger this season.

We were treated to a fleeting glimpse of Inter at their apex against Sampdoria and now we want more. We are eager for the Nerazzurri to take the next step in their transmogrification. It’s possible it could happen this season. All it takes is discipline, dedication and a bald, wily zen master to show them the way. In Spalletti we trust.

Max De Luca is a journalist based in Toronto, Canada and has been published on Reuters, CBC, Yahoo, Goal, USA Today and many more. Every week Max pens a column exclusively for discussing the most pressing topics of the past week.

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Sports enthusiast

    Max, that was deep. You even dropped quotes from “John of the Cross”. Well I hope you are correct that these boys have found there way. Forza Inter!

  • ezekiel

    biglia suck, glad we didn’t sign him.. LOL

  • Fiano Anthonio Kerans

    Just saw Brozo and Perisic in the stadium, bilan vs rube.

  • haweed

    nagatomo playing good declare the importance of competition within the team as nagatomo get more motivated imo because of dalbert

  • ezekiel

    btw, today i hope bbilan can win over rubentus..

    • Fiano Anthonio Kerans

      Perisic and Brozo are there right now. Caught in the camera. I think they support our old brother bilan to win against rube 😀

      • ezekiel

        and maybe to spy on rubentus.. XD

      • ADRIANO158

        They are there to support their friend Kalinić.

  • ezekiel

    i have to say nagatomo is a big surprise for me this season.. he’s getting better and better every week this season.. i thought he was finish.. he had nothing more to give for this club.. tbh the only good performance that nagatomo had with us was his first one and half season with us. i remember back then he can cross and even scored goal. everybody was happy that we sign him permanently after his half season on loan.. sadly after mazzari era finish, we saw his performance become worse and worse.. i hope he can be consistent this season.. it’s good for us that we have dalbert and a consistent nagatomo in this team..

    • Fuck U Ranocchia

      a major problem is the lack of service to perisic. the factors of Miranda and naga’s poor technical ability really hurt him. but as you can see Perisic is on fire lately. whenever he gets the ball he cause problems to the opponent. in our last vs Sampdoria, Danilo and Candreva both had 85+ touches while Perisic had the least touches just after icardi….. Nagatomo might be helping defensively but imo, Perisic is being held back but the lack of service

      • ezekiel

        i didn’t say he’s perfect but let’s be honest, he indeed getting better and better this season which is good for us.. if he can find his best performance like in his first one and half season with us, it would be even better.. let’s hope for the best..

      • Bayesian Kalijaga

        For the rest of this season.. Spaletti have to find another way to give support to Perisic.. Yuto and Danilo is the best choice we have for the defense.. Have good attacking side might be good and entertaining, but remember.. the team with solid defense will last much longer..

  • Alex

    Very well written! Good job Max!