Headlines – “Inter Looking For The New Messi”

November 10, 2017 09:30
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The frontpages of two of Italy’s main daily sportspapers are dominated by the first leg of the play-off match to qualify to next summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia when Sweden host Italy’s Gli Azzurri at the Friends Arena, with kick-off scheduled for 20.45 CET.

Despite this there is still mention of some Inter related news on the frontpage of Turin based Tuttosport. The newspaper dedicates some minor space to the Nerazzurri with the headline “Inter are looking for the new Messi: here is Ausilio’s secret plan.”

Meanwhile Rome-based Corriere dello Sport, dedicate their entire frontpage to the FIFA World Cup play-off matches. Most of the space is dedicated to today’s match between Sweden and Italy but some space is also dedicated to yesterday’s fixtures which saw Inter’s Ivan Perisic and Marcelo Brozovic play in Croatia’s 4-1 thrashing of Greece.

“Kalinic and Perisic excite Croatia: Greece beaten 4-1. Switzerland win 1-0” is the headline printed.


Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Mojo25J

    Lmbo ohhhh it is so secretive that we won’t tell you… pointless article yet again

  • casperv

    So after having read the original article on fcinternews it seems all the article is about is how Ausilio has been picking men in key positions – Men that are all well known for their knowledge when it comes to finding and getting young talented players. From him working close together with Sabatini to his assistant Bassin who came in from Palermo and who was wanted by Juve because of his great knowledge on youngsters.
    So the club is really well prepared to find and grab the next big thing or “the next Messi” before anyone else because our network has been expanded a great deal the last 1-2 years. One of the reasons for us to focus this much on finding great talent is, says the article, the FFP agreement which forbids us to sign any of the big stars out their, so we have changed focus on finding the next big thing before he gets big.

    • Mr J

      FFP? is it because of our 3 year deal with uefa that won’t be able to sign new players? After that will we be able to do so?

      • casperv

        What? Are you asking how the FFP works or?
        We have a 4 year deal with Uefa on how we want to bring our deabts and expendures down. that deal runs until next June and then the new owner: Suning can make a new a much better deal

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    lol isnt every team looking for the next messi

    • casperv

      Exactly… and who is he and what´s the plan…

  • casperv

    “Inter are looking for the new Messi: here is Ausilio’s secret plan.” … which is???

    • ROGUE LW

      It makes no sense, whats the PLAN?

      • ezekiel

        it’s secret, remember!? LMAO..XD

    • ezekiel

      it’s secret.. LMAO.. XD.. so if they share it with us, it’s not secret anymore… jajajaja…

    • postal

      Ezequiel Schelotto is getting back to Inter. But shhhhhh, keep it secret.

      • casperv

        Schelllotto: one of many players who are playing in the CL after their left us…