Max Pezzali: “Spalletti Has Given Inter An Identity Something Many Couldn’t Do”

November 15, 2017 04:30
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Italian celebrity Inter fan and singer, Max Pezzali, has been speaking to Italian daily sports journal Gazzetta dello Sport about his beloved Inter.

The former 883 front man heaped praise on the current Inter manager Luciano Spalletti.

“I believe in Spalletti, he has succeeded where many others have failed in giving this Inter team an identity in their style of play. Only great managers can do this who knows and understand football, like Spalletti.”

He was also asked to give his thoughts on any possible moves that the club should look towards in the fast approaching January transfer window.

“I think we are very short on the bench at the moment with not too many options  available which means we are having to manage our energy levels more.”

Pezzali was unable to name any specific players but concluded, “I think we need at least another player to strengthen in each area of the pitch.”


Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio