Mauro Icardi: “I Don’t Have To Answer If Real Madrid Call”

Mauro Icardi: “I Don’t Have To Answer If Real Madrid Call”
November 26, 2017 09:30
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Mauro Icardi scored a brace for the second consecutive match in the Serie A and the Argentinian striker continues to deliver whenever Inter play and after the win against Cagliari the Nerazurri captain spoke with Sky Sport Italia to share his thoughts on the win.

“Another test that we passed, we want to do as good as we can. We didn’t play that well but it is the result that is the most important thing. We have to work at all the things we did not do well tonight, but tonight we enjoy being at the top of the standings” Icardi began.

Mauro Icardi then continued that “it has been two or three years now where we have worked really well in order to construct a good basis of play. Thius year we don’t have the international cups to play in and that allows us to practice well during the weekdays. We are currently constructing a good base which we can improve from. I feel relaxed, whenever I score goals, it is the result of the team working well during the week. If I would be on my own, I would not create that much.”

The former Sampdoria and Barcelona striker was then asked about the minimum release fee clause in his contract replying: “I don’t talk about those things, my club does and at the moment we are in November, there is a lot of the season left to be played , therefore it is to soon to talk about the transfer window for me.”

In conclusion Icardi was asked about Real Madrid’s rumoured interest in him to which he replied: “I wont respond, I do what I have to do on the pitch, then there are a lot of people who like to occupy themselves about these things.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson