Valencia to buy Kondogbia from Inter & then sell on to PSG in exchange for Goncalo Guedes

November 28, 2017 21:30
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Everyone is going crazy for Geoffrey Kondogbia in Spain right now. After the Frenchman’s miserable time at Inter, he has been impressing in La Liga with Valencia so far this season & showing the form that earnt him the €30 million move to Inter in the summer of 2015.

His form has been so good that it seems to have convinced the club to activate the buy out clause in his contract & pay Inter the agreed price of €25 million. However, according to El Gol Digital, the ex-Monaco midfielder won’t be staying in Spain for long as they plan to use him in a deal to bring in Goncalo Guedes from PSG on a permanent basis.

The winger is currently on loan at Valencia from PSG & has impressed so far this season. It is thought that the French champions would want something in the region of €30 million for Guedes. With that in mind the Valencia owner, Peter Lim, would use Kondogbia as a bargaining chip to bring down the price tag on Guedes. It is thought that Kondogbia would replace another former Inter midfielder in Thiago Motta in the French capital who is nearing the end of his career.


Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio
  • Ilir

    25 mil plus 20% on his sale i would let him go …. his game at Inter was like a ship with no navigation !!

  • INTERisLife

    It don’t think it’s that kdog is good just think the serie a doesn’t suit him la liga Is possession league while liga 1 is dominated by a handful of teams n a tactical league like ours wasn’t good for him just look at banagea back at sevilla play great so losing kdog wouldn’t b a bad thing

  • Matija Mateo Kosanovic

    wouldn’t it be logical that Kondo deal fails if we don’t buy Cancelo from them, or it can be only one-way road?

    • il Biscione

      I think they are separate deals, but if Valencia doesn’t get the money for Cancelo they might not then have enough cash to redeem Kondo. But who knows.

      • Matija Mateo Kosanovic

        yeah, and the deal they made, we pay 35mil for Cancelo, hehheheh, yeah right, Maicon was not that expensive and he was eating opponents while in prime

  • postal

    He’s so good at Valencia that they want to sell him to another team. 😀

  • Musavie Abdillah

    Let’s add Kondo to the list-of-exInterPlayer-that-shine-at-the-next-club

  • JAY

    so we get 25m
    then lets say they sell him to psg for 50m,
    we get another 20m,
    so in total we get like 45m for him not bad at all

    • syahrul sembarang

      How do we know kdog real price if hes just part of guedes deal?

      • JAY

        We don’t know the real price, just an educated guess

  • il Biscione

    This Guedes is good.

    I just wonder if Inter doesn’t buy Cancelo – and that won’t most likely happen – does Valencia then have the money to redeem Kondonkey?

    • JAY

      i was watching some valencia game guedes scored some beauties

    • syahrul sembarang

      Im kind of worry bout buying laliga players, since montoya, murillo, cancelo, kdog, n banega deal. theyre all shine in laliga but flop in serie a. Of course Ronaldo is anomali. 🙂

      • Pradana Gilang

        Figo? Cambiasso? Samuel? Sneijder? Etoo? also we buy Kdog from monaco 😀

        • syahrul sembarang

          Aaah i forget, maybe thats the last time laliga have better standard players.
          For kdog, he shine at sevila, flop at us, n shine again at valencia. 🙂

        • il Biscione

          Take Samuel of the list, because he was Serie A proven already at Roma. Zamorano did ok, but was never the same scorer like in RM, but there he had Laudrup assisting him, Seedorf also didn´t do bad. RM has been quite good shopping place for Inter though.

          Kily Gonzales and Solari had their moments and I liked Kily, but he was getting old anyways.. Forlan too had seen his best years already. Murillo wasn´t a bad buy for the money paid for him. Farinos was a massive flop for the money that was paid.

          But what can you say, usually it´s safer to buy from Serie A, but those guys flop too like Mancini, Hernanes and the list goes on…

      • Il Principe di Persia

        There is no defense in La Liga, it’s like the beginner mode in FIFA 😀

        • syahrul sembarang

          Thats what i mean 🙂

  • Oro_^o^

    As long as his sell on clause is also transferred to Guedes

  • andrew-ovares 153070

    Screw that, we should be the ones selling Kondogbia to PSG

    • JAY

      he is not in our hands anymore