Inter To Make An Offer For Martinez

December 1, 2017 20:00
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Inter have lodged an official bid with Racing Club for young striker Lautaro Martinez according to Argentine news outlet Olé.

Inter made the bid having had scouts in the stands watching Martinez in Racing’s clash with Independiente at the end of November.

An emissary for the Argentine club is currently in Europe listening to what the wealth of interested European clubs have to offer the club. The emissary has met with Atletico Madrid who themselves have made a bid of their own. Diego Simeone’s side have made a €12 million bid but are willing to raise it if they must.

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old’s agent told Inter that it would take €15 million to take his client away from the Buenos Aires based club, despite the fact that Martinez has a €9 million release clause.

Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United are both also interested in Martinez and both watched him perform the week before Inter had scouts present.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Asyrof Syarif

    Why we have to pay 15m while his release cause, only 9 mil?

    • Mojo25J

      Yeah doesn’t make sense to me

    • Naidman

      Its appears that his entourage (agent plus family) will get a cut of the transfer as they have some form of ownership in the player. Accordingly they want a higher transfer so that they walk away with more money. This is becoming fairly common in transfers from South America to Europe as third party ownership isn’t allowed here.

      Also UEFA seems to be scrutinizing agent and signing on fees more closely which would be another reason for this. I think this is why Lucas Lima went from Santos to Palmeiras on a free while European clubs were being quoted fees in the context of 10-15mn for the player. Third party in South America remains a very grey if not black area.

      Also to add I really don’t think he is the type of player we need as no where close to being clinical enough for a striker in Serie A and doesn’t see to have much tactical sense at this time. May improve over time but don’t think we have that kind of cash lying around. We need to be smart going forward as FFP has us on a very tight leash plus we already have Pinamonti, Odgaard, Rover and Colidio who are all very promising young forwards. I feel we need to add more promising talent in midfield and defense.

      • casperv

        So you actually have seen this dude play? And what about this Arthur dude we’ve been linked too, do you know anything about h8m? Seen h8m play live or?

        • Naidman

          I have seen both in action. I have the full BEIN sports package so footyl is nearly always on.

          So Lautaro play for both Argentina in the U20s WC and for Racing in the Superliga. He has pace, great dribbler and a decent shot. But generally tries to do too much and for me is more of a support striker or someone who could potentially be converted into an inside forward/attacking winger. He definitely has potential but for 15mn I would rather see us go after someone who is closer to the finished product or at least some what proven himself in a top 5 league which typically has some growing pains for players from South America.

          Arthur on the other hand if pure class. He is silky smooth with the ball, great ball distribution and pretty decent off the ball positioning. Probably needs a bit of work to further hone his shooting from distance and creating goal scoring opportunities. Similar player to Lucas Torreira with a bit more finesse and Brazilian flair.

          Could end up better than Torreira but I think given Torreira’s Serie A experience he is probably the better buy. Between the two I think in the end it will become a question of competition and transfer fees as I see both of them drawing a lot of attention which will bid up transfer fees. Would be a coupe for Inter if we get either as both are quality players with high potential.

          • casperv

            Thank you very much for your superb response – great to get some inside knowledge from people who actually have seen the players play and not know them from a football game

  • defcon

    anyone knows if he’s any good?