Luciano Spalletti: “When You Have Perisic Everything Becomes Easier”

December 3, 2017 19:00
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Inter manager Luciano Spalletti spoke to Sky Italia after his side’s emphatic 5-0 win at home at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza against Chievo Verona in Serie A and had nothing but words of praise for his side.

“In this Inter there are many professionals who work hard in the right manner. The merits of a victory go out to the whole team, today’s second goal is emblematic of this group: Perisic presses the play, we win the ball back and we go and score with Mauro Icardi. When someone like Perisic runs 80 metres to to chase down a seemingly trivial ball, everything becomes so much easier. To play a game like we did today and be a team that aspires to great things we need to find the measures in all areas, a good defensive line, it all helps in the race.”

The former Roma coach went on to speak about one of the players that featured today that hasn’t seen much game time lately, namely Portuguese midfielder Joao Mario stating that “today he made sure he was ready and prepared, he played a good game despite his missed opportunity in the first half. Whoever plays in the place of another isn’t inferior to them. I decide my team not by rejecting but by choosing. We need to consolidate all this and continue to work hard. We have only reached this level recently, we still have a long road ahead of us and only after can we say if we are at the same level as the others.”

Spalletti concluded by talking about next weekend’s Derby d’Italia against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium: “We want to take home all 3 points, we want to win against Juventus as we do against every team. They have been winning for 6 years here in Italy, playing in finals everywhere, they have a lot of personality and some great players: it will be a great match.”

Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio
  • Sukeerth B Kalluraya

    And that is why Perisic is critical to our team, even if he isn’t scoring. He brings in tremendous work rate and some fantastic defence. You see him everywhere, the left-right flanks, the edge of the box(both boxes), everywhere.

  • postal

    Mancio: “Juve are better than Inter, we musn’t lose.”
    Spallo: “We go to Turin to win. It will be a great match”
    Differences man

    • Quit the Mancio bashing already!

      Someone who has won 2 Scudettos deserves a certain level of respect from us.

      Even Spal wouldn’t do squat with an inferior squad Mancio had in his 2nd spell.

      I still credit Mancio for laying the foundations for this present Inter – that pre-2016 mass clear out has only served us well in the end.

      So he deserves some respect.

      • Sukeerth B Kalluraya

        He isn’t exactly “bashing” Mancini. He is just pointing out an obvious difference. Let’s make this more about Spalletti, than Mancini? I think he is trying to point out Spallo’s respectable nature. 🙂

        • Faizin Setiadi

          Well said, mate!

      • postal

        Did I call Mancio anything bad or I was pointing out an obvious difference between them? I wasn’t under the impression I was bashing him. Maybe I’m psychotic and delirious.

  • denton bexley

    Best performance of the season so far! The players who came into the team have given Spaletti something to think about ahead of the Juve game! FORZA INTER!!!