Mental Coach Tirelli Recalls Meeting Inter Defender Ranocchia For The First Time

December 4, 2017 23:30
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Stefano Tirelli, the mental coach of Andrea Ranocchia, charted his journey with the Inter defender in an interview earlier today.

“I first met him in Brunico last summer during the pre-season retreat and his eyes were completely extinguished,” Tirelli told Sky Sport.

He continued, “I worked with him from a mental and energetic point of view and he was very good because he never missed any session with me.”

The former Inter captain made his first start of the season at the weekend in the 5-0 rout of Chievo Verona at San Siro. In the past 18 months, the 29-year-old central defender has found space in the Nerazzurri side hard to come by which resulted in two loan spells away at Sampdoria and Hull City respectively last season. This season he has made a total of two appearances including Sunday’s match. With Miranda back for the game with Juventus next weekend, it remains to be seen when Ranocchia will next get a chance to play.



Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Herak Bhowmik

    We did not give him the right environment to grow. he joined in January and nxt he was paired with another young inexperienced defender in Juan Jesus & he had no one to groom him. the whole responsibility of Inter defense fell on their young and inexperienced shoulders while we removed experienced defenders like Lucio, Walter Samual and Materazzi. nxt he was made club captain with huge expectations. on the other hand Bonucci was paired with experienced Chilleni and Barzagli which have him ample opportunity to develop. now they are moulding Rugani in the same way. maybe Things could hv been different had we given Ranochia the right environment.

  • ADRIANO158

    Shame he didn’t get that hat-trick against Chievo. Imagine that? Haha! He had 4 goal scoring chances. I was hoping him to score, just for sake of his confidence and health.

    • Giovanni DosSantos Jr.

      ya.. he have 3 chance

  • ezekiel

    i think he had mental problem.. high expectation from the fans and italian public are venom to his brain… not everybody can coupe with the high expectation.. labeled player as a new this and that, rarely gave a good result. the new nesta(rano) ended become one of the most hated player by inter fans. the new neymar ended become gabi-no-goal. it’s better to come to inter with low expectation like skriniar, and prove himself game by game..

    • VieriTottiDelpiero

      Very true point man. Ranocchia had a mental problem due to complete loss of self-confidence. Without confidence, every movement can be a mistake and that results in conceding goals. It’s now better to leave Ranocchia and give him more chance to play to fully gain confidence step-by-step. Once he has a great confidence, he can perform far better. He is still 29, and can play for another 3-4 years with high level.

      • ezekiel

        tbh, i’m not fully convinced by rano yet.. but if spall believe in him i would give him a chance to prove himself. if spal can revive the like d’ambrosio, santon and nagatomo, why not rano too..^^

        • il Biscione

          Better hold your horses here. Rano has had good matches before. It´s not like he was always bad in every game he ever played. Good for him and us that he had a good game, but it would still be a miracle if turned out to be a top defender in his late years.

          He´s had a mental problem yes, but he also can be clumsy and slow. He´s a nice guy and hopefully he´ll have good season and won´t make those almost trademark big errors when given more chances.

          • ezekiel

            that’s why i said i’m not fully convinced by him yet..

          • il Biscione

            Yeah, indeed you did. But I believe that Rano and Gabi failing is more because of their ability than huge expectations.

          • ezekiel

            I watch rano and gabi before they come to inter. there was a reason why rano was viewed as hotter prospect than bonuci back then, he was very good.. the italian press even labeled him as a new nesta, a new hope for italian CB.. but after he joined us, he failed to couped with the pressure of the big team. and gradually become worst and worst. his great asset was his positioning during his younger age, but it’s all gone without trace.. LOL.. at least in the last game we can see his positioning is getting better(maybe due to the trust of spall). for gabi, tbh i was really have high expectation on him, not because he’s labeled as the new neymar(because i didn’t see the similarity between them). but because i watch several game with him on santos, i was really impress by his intelegent run. but you know what happened next.. LOL

          • il Biscione

            Surely at least Gabi still has a lot of time to bounce back if he has what it takes. I’ve just not myself ever rated him very high. That obviously doesn’t mean that he can’t become really good even if it looks bad atm.

            And of course I get your main point that youngsters should be somehow protected from overly high pressure. Unfortunately Rube for example has been much better at that compared to Inter. However, in these two players I just don’t believe in, but that’s just my opinion.

          • ezekiel

            nah.. not just you.. for gabigoal, i think i really don’t see his future at inter anymore.. candreva being briliant,and we still have players like karamoh and odgaard who can play in that position. for rano, i hope he can step up now with inter having CB crisis before january. his revival would be a great help for our season.. but until i see him play like last game consitantly or at least in more than 3 games, i won’t be convinced easily..^^

          • il Biscione

            Maybe no future in Inter for Gabi, but If in future he turns up with bigger muscles, more explosiveness and a sick shooting… He does have some eye for the game, I did notice that during pre-season. Can’t rule him out complitely also until he gets to play on regular basis in a European team. I’m not a believer, but I can be wrong.

  • Mateo Ricucci

    keep it up Andrea, you had a very good match.