Player Ratings – Inter 5 – 0 Chievo: Top Of The League In Style

December 4, 2017 12:30
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With Vecino, Gagliardini and Miranda out with injury and suspensions, Inter faced a tricky game against Chievo who had not lost in their last 3 Serie A outings. Inter were under pressure as they knew a win would put them top ahead of the trip to Allianz Stadium to face Juventus. What we witnessed today was a special win, considering that a few of our players had not started games in a while. 5-0 to go along with a 5 star performance and utter domination.

Samir Handanovic – 7: Fresh from his extension, he saved 4 shots with ease. Most of the action was at the other end though. His quick throwouts were amazing.

Danilo D’Ambrosio – 7.5: Better and improved like a lot of players here, this one attacks and puts in hard tackles when they are needed. Cant ask for more today.

Milan Skriniar – 8: After making a human mistake last time out, this time the alien has returned. You didn’t fool us. That goal was special, can watch countless times.

Andrea Rannochia – 6.5: 1st professional game in about 3 months. Didn’t have much to do defensively but provided a threat on setpieces as well. Stupid booking though.

Davide Santon – 7: 100th appearance and he delivered a great performance. The first goal came from his shot and has grabbed the oppurtunity with both hands.

Borja Valero – 6.5: In his favoured role he was absolutely perfect. Ran effectively, moved to dismantle Chievo and always was the leader with the ball. Master.

Joao Mario – 6: Joao should have scored today and seemed dissapointed to not do so. Played much better in the 2nd half and this can only help his confidence.

Candreva – 7.5: Worldclass performance tonight, he out-ran, out-paced each and every time. He contributed defensively when it was needed. Got another assist.

Brozovic – 6.5: His performance tonight was great apart from the shooting bit. Hit the cross bar but overall was always a threat. Important assist for Icardi as well.

Ivan Perisic – 9: Only sometimes, the best decisions are the ones you don’t take. Ivan has returned, rest of the Serie A better watch out. 3 classy goals.

Mauro Icardi – 7: Got his usual goal from his 1 shot on target but his team-mates didn’t find him in the right place tonight. Top scorer and impossible to stop.

Eder – 6: Didn’t nothing of note in his 15 mins or so, but Spalletti sees the effort and he’s the first sub in as usual.

Dalbert – 6.5: Very important performance from Dalbert today, he seemed like the one that played at Nice last season and managed a couple of decent moves.

Karamoh – N/A: Not much time for young Yann today, but he still could’ve scored. Another short outing with a lot of promise, skill and trickery.

Luciano Spalletti – 8: Tricky game, without his usual stalwarts and Spalletti developed a game plan that was executed perfectly. Responsible for us being top of Serie A.

Calvarese 7: Another good referee today, managed the game well, never lost control and wasn’t challenged much as Chievo were absoiutely dominated.

Inter – 9: Without 3 of our regulars, with the pressure of knowing that we needed to go top, these guys didn’t dissapoint. Confident, proud and strong.

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Suneet Bajaj
By Suneet Bajaj
  • Nidal Safarini

    The only downside for me are the late subs of caramoh and dalbert, wanted to see some action from cancelo too but didn’t bother me too much not to see him.

    • Nidal Safarini

      As for Rannochia he was impressive last game, always an arial threat from set peices and intercepted some balls defencively, as for Valero and Brozovic, they also should have got higher ratings as they controlled and bossedd the midfield.

  • Cdp

    Seriously all the midfielders got 6-6.5??
    IMO Our midfielders were the reason why we play so good last night..

  • Alex

    Very harsh rating on the midfield. Brozo should get at least 7.5, Borja 7, Mario 6.5. Agree with Rano’s rating… He couldn’t pass the ball, missed couple of chances to bury and a stupid yellow card.

  • susanto r9

    Rano had a decent games… we should give credit where it’s due

  • ezekiel

    “1st professional game in about 3 months. Didn’t have much to do defensively but provided a threat on setpieces as well. Stupid booking though.”
    i don’t agree with you about “nothing much to do defensively” on rano, actually he make a lot of good interception and won a lot of aerial battle in this game. at least in this game he actually done very well..

    • Enes Aliu

      I don’t know why this dude does the rating honestly. These are the most biased ratings I have ever seen. This is an individual expressing which player he likes and dislikes more and justifies them or not depending if he likes the player in question.

      Ratings are supposed to be professional and neutral.

      • ezekiel

        agree with you.. rating should be base on the performance of the player per game. no matter how bad he was, but in this game he actually done more than we expected.. candreva and jao mario deserve more tbh.. jao mario despite his crappy finishing touch, he actually did a great job in his position.. he and borja are the reason we’re controling the midfield area..

      • kofko

        You are right. I wish the author name appears before you open the article. I would never read a rating if I knew it comes from him. This guy is not a professional and you can clearly see he is subjective.

  • INTERisLife

    Perisic deserves a 10 not for the goals b the defensive shift he put in alone at one point he ran from lw to rb to stop a counter if that isn’t a team mentality idk what is

    • Cobreti

      You’re saying man…

  • Cobreti

    I dont really give a shit to the rating!! I love the boys spirit and that’s it..

    • InterDK

      I love mister Spaletti