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December 4, 2017 11:30
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Inter played Chievo at the San Siro today in what was probably the most electrifying game of the season. Even though Chievo wasn’t in top shape in regards to very poor possession and passing game Inter was able to prove a point. Inter made it very clear to the rest of the league and especially their upcoming opponents Juve that they’re here to play and here to stay. So much went right today in a game where so much could have potentially gone wrong.

With Miranda and Gagliardini suspended plus an injured Vecino, we saw Spalletti make changes that could’ve impacted the game very differently. Borja Valero remained neutral in that holding mid field position which he played perfectly, always showing himself as an option in the holes which facilitates the task of our center backs building passes. Borja played alongside Joao Mario, a player who can be very promising but seems to be lacking a bit of confidence in front of goal but besides that didn’t have a terrible game but he could have done more in regards to finishing his early one on one with the keeper. Finally to complete the midfield, the likes of Marcelo Brozovic, very simple and smart player who played a near perfect game, he should definitely start against Juve considering he’s not afraid and very able to shoot from distance which will be key to beating Juventus.

Finally, in the back we saw Ranocchia replace suspended Miranda in what many Inter fans may have been very worried about all though it was very clear that Ranocchia has been enchanted by the Spalletti effect. The center back played very well defensively and surprisingly even got his fair share of goal scoring opportunities off several set pieces. The back line also saw Santon again who seems to be have become a regular playing the majority of the game on the left until Dalbert came on pushing him on the right.

Finally if we look up top we see the original three with Perisic Icardi and Candreva. Regardless of the fact that Icardi scored, he had a rather slow game doing most of his work off the ball. His ability to peel off defenders, especially when being double marked, allows threatening overlaps by Candreva and Perisic which was one of the contributing factors to Perisic’s hat-trick. Karamoh was also given playing time which saw him miss a golden opportunity, all though he didn’t play much and missed a goal scoring chance his progression with Inter is becoming very evident.

Spalletti used his subs to give Dalbert and Karamoh a chance. Inter showed a lot of depth today by being able to dominate Chievo while also missing three key starters and seeing two new faces. The depth can reassure fans that Inter do have the squad to compete for the top spot in the league and if they beat Juventus, the Scudetto will truly be possible.

Andrew Di Franco
By Andrew Di Franco
  • Walter White

    Brozo had a realy good game and I hope he´ll be in starting line before Vecino on saturday night.

    • edbert

      brozo usually would have a hard time against bigger teams though, i think brozo should come in second half with joao mario

    • Stefano

      I would never , ever put brozo in the bench and I have been saying it since the beginning of the season ,when it wasn’t fashionable and most people said “he is so lazy and inconsistent”.. BUT .. he is inconsistent only if he does not play often and he has really grown now so ..even more now, he is a starting XI guaranteed to me..

      He is our perfect answer to the ” assaulting” 3/4 ista problem for now.
      But he can play other roles too, if someone like Pastore arrives.

  • Alex

    I was never worried about our depth except our CB field. We have a good enough squad and bench. All we need is one more CB and I hope Ausilio gets that done in the winter!

    • Sukeerth B Kalluraya

      With Ranocchia doing okay and with Santon Dambo being able to cover for CB, you still think we need a CB this Jan? if yes, of what kind? An old experienced Seria A CB who will be behind Rano, or a young lad for the future, or one to contest the start XI immediately?

      • Alex

        Rannocchio being OK is not enough. It should be someone that could be reliable for the case Miranda/Skriniar gets injured. It should be someone with the prospect of being a starter. Mustafi has serie A experience and shouldn’t be that expensive. We should be able to also loan Mangala as a temporary solution. Then at the end of the season we should go all in for either De Verji or Gimenes.

        • Stefano

          Mustafi perfect yes but ..yes..ex-pen-sive.
          Both in wages and in buying him from Arsenal.
          Ausilio confirmed that his ag. asked us for crazy high wages .
          Italian media said 5m some , 4-4,5m a year some others..
          And Ausilio also said Arsenal asked for “way too much”.

          • Alex

            Yeah that was the time that we were at the 7th place on the table, no CL hope and Arsenal was doing well. So the only way to lure a player was money. But now he knows that he is gonna play in CL and will be in prime position to be Miranda’s heir. We should try for him again!

      • Stefano

        Someone fast ,some mother…ing man-marker,quick, strong tackler.

    • Stefano

      A quick ,strong tackler CB.
      Possibly also something in the forwards section or …something offensive anyways.
      Someone who could be both a winger and a 3/4ista.
      To have a full sub attacking line up.
      For example ,it is hard to think of a decent replacement for Perisic .
      Someone like Pastore could be both a replacement for JM and a 3/4 ista but I know that he has also played left offensive winger or second striker both in Palermo and PSG.

      • Alex

        Don’t keep your hopes high. Suning will not spend shit. As for CB we are gonna bring Bastoni early and wrap our Jan transfer.

  • Oro_^o^

    Chievo played without all of their 1st choice midfielder. But this win is still impressive nonetheless.

    • Uzair Qureshi

      Neither did we

      • Oro_^o^

        We are missing defensive players (gag, miranda, vecino) and replaced them with more attacking minded players (brozo, mario). Can’t say we would have the same result if we played with our “first choice” players.

        • igo

          imo, one was still butting me that chievo played like old men based on because they had played 120 minutes at last thursday. so, if we had to play better chievo, the scenario could be different (just looked at their free chances in front of goal in some occasion) though u’r right, we’re too not playing with the first choice players