De Rossi Recalls Inter Manager Luciano Spalletti’s Exit From Roma

December 5, 2017 02:30
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Roma captain Daniele De Rossi spoke on former manager Luciano Spalletti during the pre-match press conference ahead of their Champions League clash with Qarabag.

“I was right to say that replacing Spalletti would be difficult, However, I did not say it was impossible. This has been shown by our journey under Eusebio Di Francesco, and our the results are there for all to see.”

The 34-year-old veteran, who has spent his entire with the Giallorossi, then compared his current manager with his former manager.

“It seems to me that Di Francesco’s first six months have been our best, first six months ever. Even Spalletti did not do so well on his return.

De Rossi concluded the segment on the current Inter manager by revisiting the situation between Spalletti and club legend Francesco Totti last season.

“Spalletti made a mess last season. As you know, there was a particular atmosphere with Totti and we all suffered a bit.”

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Stefano

    De Rossi today kind of corrected himself :
    He said that Spalletti is the best coach he has ever had and he still considers him a great person and a great friend ,but everybody knows the problem he has had with the Totti situation.

  • Mayor inter

    Stop throwing stones…

  • igo

    wow, with that mess you guys were still up there in the table last season, hats off still to spalle

  • Inter4ever

    Best run in your history in terms of points but he made a mess? Okay.

  • Satria

    Just glad that zanetti retirement doesnt cause a trouble like totti did

    • Giuseppe Meazza

      have you forgotten how mazzari didn’t play Zanetti in his last Derby della madonnina? With the FB we had then Zanetti couldve gone on playing for 2 more years had it not been for that cowload.

      • Satria

        If i’m not mistaken, zanetti injury also the reason why he retired, right?

        • Giuseppe Meazza

          Zanetti could still play after that injury. It’s just mazzari who refused to play him

  • Ilir

    Hahaha yea ok ! Who the fuck is totti !!?? What… he won by accident a seria A and won a world coup thnks to Matrix by scoring 2 goals and sending Zidane off …. totti said i regret not playing for Madrid well i think he didn’t go there because he was scared because he was never up there . If roma is where it is is because of Spalletti so fuck them all from totti to pallota and the rest of them

    • Sean Patrick

      Don’t discuss football ever again.

      • Ilir

        Explain why !!?? If is for totti idk what u say a leader and great player is also a winer right !!? If you are here not to discuss but to judge others opinion i proudly gotta tell you go fak yourself

        • Sean Patrick

          It is a horrible opinion, and it makes it obvious that you have never watched him play. You don’t understand football, so I won’t waste my time explaining why Totti’s so great and highly regarded.

          • Ilir

            Was he ever a top scorer ? Was he ever nominated for something ? Right if the entire squad plays for him he is going to look good ….. i agree he was good but never great ….. i don’t remember big European clubs going crazy after him , idk how true is it when he says i wanted to stay loyal to Roma but my feeling is he was just scared and enjoying that paycheck roma had to offer him …. i don’t remeber any personal achievement either from him so i can be wrong ….. even Casano was better then him . For the past 7 years or so he was playing like 10 games altogether because he couldn’t keep up …. yeah right the injuries!!! A big player has to prove himself no matter what like Zidane , Ibrahimovich and the list goes on and on……. my OPINION he became more famous for staying at roma than being a big time player so move on buddy

          • Sean Patrick

            He was top scorer, and won the European Golden Boot in 06/07, playing for ROMA. That was his first season as a striker.

            It doesn’t even make sense answer anything else. You don’t know football. Stop pretending.

          • Ilir

            U suck !!

  • Philip

    I don’t think Spalleti or whoever coached Roma was the problem. It was Totti and the club worships him like some kind of a god and now they pay for the price. First six month under EDF was great? Was De Rossi so blind?

    • Stefano

      Yes .
      And realize that Totti is now an executive of AC Roma ,so of course De Rossi has to take his side on the whole spalletti- totti diatribe.

      Basically Spalletti was the first to have the courage to tell Totti:
      “Francesco you are a great player, you will always be in romanisti heart, but you are 39 and you can barely walk, forget running, time to give young talented players their space and give up”.

      • Andrej Vajs

        Spalletti build the Roma team not Di Francesco, EDF when comes to Roma has a complete team at his dipossal.

        • Stefano

          Yeah’s all in my post already.

  • Pradana Gilang

    Now media trying to attack spalletti