Gagliardini: “It Is Easy To Play With Vecino, Skriniar Proving Himself At Inter”

Gagliardini: “It Is Easy To Play With Vecino, Skriniar Proving Himself At Inter”
December 6, 2017 21:00
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Roberto Gagliardini was the guest of today’s episode of Drive on Inter TV. The Inter midfielder spoke on a wealth of topics, starting with the origins of one of his nicknames.

“I was always lively as a child and never stopped, I was full of energy, I think the nickname ‘Duracell’ comes from here.”

As always, players are asked about their social media usage and the 23-year-old stressed the importance of interacting with fans.

“Every now and then I will post some pictures, I am not on social media everyday though. In my opinion, football has developed with social media and it is important to give messages to the fans.”

He then spoke on his dog, Crystal.

“I never had pets in my family growing up whereas my girlfriend always did. One day her uncle gave her this dachshund and she did not tell me because she thought I did not want any pets. She presented the dog to me as a gift, I said we would do a ten day trial, then I really fell in love, what a dog gives you is incredible.”

Gagliardini then discussed his partnership with Matias Vecino in the midfield and other teammates.

“It is easy to play with Vecino, he is strong and helps you when they press you, he always wants the ball. It is also easy to play with Borja and Joao Mario.

“I did not think Skriniar would be so good, he is proving to be comfortable in a team like Inter and I am happy for him. He is giving us a big hand and I hope he does it for as long as possible because this club needs him.”

The former Atalanta man then discussed some of his hobbies away from football.

“I bought the NBA game and I got passionate about Basketball. As soon as I see a basket I start playing.

“I like to vary what music I listen to, from rap to classical Italian music but I also listen to music from Latin America.

“I get my passion for fishing from my girlfriend’s brother after he invited me to go fishing with him once.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson