Spanish Media Report Inter Captain Icardi Is On The Verge Of Real Madrid Move

December 6, 2017 22:00
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A story coming out of Spain today suggests that Inter’s Captain, Mauro Icardi, is on the verge of a January transfer move to Spanish giants Real Madrid. It has also been reported that a medical has already been organised for later this month.

According to the Spanish TV programme El Chiringuito featured on the Mega TV channel, a deal between the Argentinian number nine and Real Madrid has all but been agreed. The reporter Pipi Estrada reports that the striker has agreed a deal in principle and is to meet with the Madrid club as early as the 26th December to finalise details and have his medical. The bid is thought to be in the region of €80 million plus €12 million in bonuses to Inter with Icardi receiving €9 million a year net in wages, plus up to 30% of image rights.

The 24-year-old has been in fine form this season scoring 16 goals in 15 games as Inter remain unbeaten in Serie A this season.


Claudio Cauteruccio
By Claudio Cauteruccio
  • postal

    Apparently spanish journalists are fond of vodka. Absolut Bullshit vodka.

  • susanto r9

    trash news, no truth in this news

  • Sacha Ferrandi


  • Stefano

    The clause is 110m but now all of a sudden we are supposed to let him go for 80 ?
    Yes, very credible..
    Not happening Madrid , keep on dreaming

    • Naves

      I laugh when Madrid kids talk about how Icardi is over rated and he will jump ships the moment RM offer.

      • Stefano

        And by the way ,even if Icardi wanted to ( which he is not going to ,not in January, he may or may not consider it for next summer,if at all , but definitely not now) they still have to pay us the 110 m euros, 120 m dollars ,not a euro less.

        • Naves

          Exactly. He will not miss the chance to become top scorer again and go to mess RM team that is struggling with goals recently and if things go south everyone will point their fingers to him. I am sure he is smart enough but his wife …. we better not talk about her.

  • Cdp

    Wandas tactics to raise icardis salary once again

  • Walter White

    El Chiringuito sounds like a serious source. I am worried.


  • tarttata tarattata

    the media will give icardi and wanda the maximum sense of fame they always wanted hope he can resist

  • Interfan99


  • Ilir

    Their trying to survive by selling few more newspapers and Ausilio’s words few days ago actually make sense now , “ Madrid’s directories gotta do their job “”” well they are trying

  • Oro_^o^

    Nice try. LMAO

  • Inter4ever


  • Mayor inter

    It’s all story….