Mourinho wants Joao Mario and would offer Mata, but Inter want Mkhitaryan or Pastore

December 6, 2017 13:00
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Following the interest of Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United have also expressed their desire to sign Joao Mario and are reportedly willing to offer Juan Mata as part of the deal. It’s said that Inter have received this offer already and asked for Henrikh Mkihitaryan instead.

This revelation is being discussed by Corriere dello Sport. “If Inter are going to exchange him, it will have to be on their terms” as explained by the newspaper on the Portuguese international. In essence, Inter will not accept a loss, which is why the idea of a loan could be taken into consideration, to give the player time to showcase himself to help negotiations at the end of the season.

The Nerazzurri, as mentioned, like Mkihitaryan, although Mata would not be totally discarded as an option. However, Suning would have to make the decision based on who gets the final non-EU spot, since Ramires has also been linked with a move to Inter. Furthermore, Javier Pastore continues to flirt with the idea of leaving PSG for a return to Italy. The hunt for a trequartista continues.

Luca Corchia
By Luca Corchia
  • nozanneti

    somebody is stupid in this deal.
    mourinho stupid ?!?

  • casperv

    Not trying to be a dead beat but this is pure media bulls..t

  • Stefano

    No Mata, Mkihitarian maybe, Pastore considering the” already adapted knows the language serie A tested” factor. .. probably yes.

    But I don’t dislike Mkihitarian.
    While I actually dislike Mata at this point.
    Zero interest in him.

    • Alex

      Mikhitaryan is a flop just like Kagawa.. He is physically weak and no defensive contribution that is required in Serie A. I’d rather getting Verdi!

  • Naidman

    Juan Mata is 29, his best position is as a right winger, he isn’t the best of finishers (main problem with Joao Mario in the first place), isn’t getting much playing time and clearly a player on decline. This isn’t to say that he wouldn’t be a good addition to the team but rather at this point in time we need someone who could immediately help take the team to the next level and create a serious selection headache for the trequartista role.
    Mkhitaryan is clearly a better fit for the trequartista role as he excels in the hole behind the striker where he can feed through killer through balls or just wind up and go for goal from distance. Good call from Ausilio and Sabatini in pushing for Mkhitaryan if indeed there is any truth behind these rumours. Actually think he would be a better fit for Spalletti’s tactics given he is more combative, better at winning the ball and contributes more defensively.
    While I agree we need depth for next year think if we get the chance to land someone like Mkhitaryan we should take it as players like him are unique and he perfectly addresses an area that needs more quality.

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    dont loan him well need him next season for depth assuming he isnt replaced

    • casperv

      Pretty expensive player to have only as a depth provider. No if he doesn’t fit in we should try and get the money back we spend on him and invest in players Spalla wants a needs

      • Bellal Amerkhail

        Sure if we get a replacement or solid money but why would we loan him? Only if we sell him in the deal

  • Oro_^o^

    Miki yes!